New Digital Waveform User Oscillator For Korg Multi-Engine Synthesizers

Developer Tim Shoebridge has introduced Digital Waveform, a new User Oscillator for the Prologue, Minilogue XD and NTS-1.

Shoebridge says that the oscillator is ‘a trip down memory lane and an attempt to recreate some of the amazing sounds from one particular poly synth released by Korg way back in 1985’, the DW-8000. The DW-8000 is an early digital/anlog hybrid, from 1985, that paired digital oscillators with analog VCAs & VCFs.

This digital download product includes the user oscillator plus 39 presets, specifically designed for the user oscillator. Note that the presets will only work on a Minilogue XD synthesiser.

Shoebridge also shared this look at sound design using Digital Waveform:

Pricing and Availability

Digital Waveform is available now for $19 USD.

7 thoughts on “New Digital Waveform User Oscillator For Korg Multi-Engine Synthesizers

  1. What a great option & well-implemented. Nice job, Tim. I played a bloody pair of DWs, because the delay line made it a monster. It wasn’t the place to go for “real” strings at all, but everything else? Pretty much, especially MIDI’d together. Its why I married Korg’s joystick design, too.

    I’m surprised that we don’t seem to see the XD and Prologue in more live stacks. With this kind of power, you could easily make an XD your central instrument, or certainly your main synth module.

  2. Prologue is a phenomenal marriage of analog and digital. A follow on product with 2x the CPU and memory and controls is my secret wet dream. The current version is amazing, but I’m running into resource issues and control space limitations a debugging platform would be easy to fix – but there’s none of that either. You can do ear-popping work on it, but it’s a lot of work.

    Love it! Most of the offering are listed here:

  3. Imagine just for a second if the XD’s successor would have two or even three fully featured digital oscillators… That would be my humble wet dream at the moment.

  4. I read somewhere else that this DW implementation was only for the ‘Logue’ synths, not NTS-1 (?)

    I wish Korg would produce a VST-plugin version of their Multi-Engine oscillator, for Windows :-/

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