Win One Of Three Classic Moog Synths

The Bob Moog Foundation has shared three videos, demoing three classic Moog synths, in conjunction with their 2020 Trifecta Raffle, the latest of their raffles to support the Foundation’s mission.

The Bob Moog Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of synth pioneer Dr Bob Moog. Their projects include:

  • Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, which uses synths to teach kids about science;
  • The Bob Moog Foundation Archives; and
  • The new interactive Moogseum, located in downtown Asheville, NC.

The latest raffle features three vintage Moog synthesizers:

  • a Moog Rogue;
  • a Moog Prodigy; and
  • a Moog Source.

The Foundation has created a series of videos demoing each of the three synths, featuring synthesist Mary Frances, aka Mama Funk, of  Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band.

The first video, embedded above, demos the Moog Rogue synthesizer. The second video, below, demos the Moog Prodigy:

The final video, below, demonstrates the Moog Source:

The raffle is open through September 28, 2020 at 11:59pm (ET) or when all tickets are sold. Tickets are $25 each, 5 for $100, 12 for $200, and 35 for $500. Proceeds go to supporting the Foundation’s mission.

10 thoughts on “Win One Of Three Classic Moog Synths

  1. Gotta’ wonder what percentage of the money collected actually goes to the Bob Moog Foundation? 10%, with the rest going to management and advertising? Possibly. Who knows?

    1. I’d think it would be 100% of the money that goes to the Foundation, because they run the Raffles.

      The organization is tiny, not like United Way or something, so they don’t have layers of management. The head of the foundation has said that a large portion of their funding comes from doing these raffles.

    2. Their advertising seems to be YouTube videos posted for free by synth blogs. As far as management goes, I suspect most of their money goes to pay rent, utilities and salaries. They’re good people doing good things.

    3. Your comment is based on what? Do you have any evidence of wrongdoing? If that’s the case, publish this evidence and we’ll get them in trouble. If, on the other hand, this is not the case, there is a chance that you will be in trouble to slander an honest foundation.

  2. The relationship between governments, corporations, and philanthropy runs very deep and there is a TON of exploitation and bad behavior.

    How about we not go anywhere near equating the Moog Foundation with that disgusting stuff and just allow them to spread joy through synthesizers?

    1. “How about we not go anywhere near equating the Moog Foundation with that disgusting stuff and just allow them to spread joy through synthesizers?”


      I’ve met the people behind the Foundation at the Winter NAMM Show and they’re great people, keeping the memory of Bob Moog and his work alive.

      I got the impression that, like a lot of non-profit organizations, they do a lot of good work on a shoe-string budget. The fact that they’ve pulled off the Moogseum is amazing.

      After the pandemic is over, I want to do a Asheville pilgrimage and hit the Moogseum, the Moog factory and then maybe spend a little time at the Sierra Nevada brewery, which is apparently mecca for beer lovers.

      1. the problem is, you have to save more than the cost of the vacation because you know you’re going to want to come home with something haha.

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