Elektron Intros Updated Analog Four MKII & Analog Rytm MKII

Elektron today introduced the ‘new-look’ Analog Four MKII and Analog Rytm MKII.

The new instruments are still the mkII versions of these instruments, but both have been updated with a new black finish and back-lit color palette. In addition to the machine makeover, the factory content has been updated with content from Eraldo Bernocchi, Lucifer’s Aid, Spit Mask, and (d) glitched and others.

Pricing & Availability

The updated Analog Four MKII and Analog Rytm MKII are available now with the following pricing:

  • Analog Four MKII is available for 1399 USD/1379 EUR
  • Analog Rytm MKII is available for 1699 USD/1599 EUR

33 thoughts on “Elektron Intros Updated Analog Four MKII & Analog Rytm MKII

  1. ok it seems Elektron has moved from electronic instrument design, to interior decoration and furniture design.
    I did not see that coming when I bought the machinedrum 15+ years ago…Swedish instrument making on a whole seems to remind me more of their excellent 2017 film “the square”.

  2. You have a 3 tier rack for elektron boxes, You have an OT and an A4. You hear they are releasing an AR MK2. Then…you see it. So you just put the AR MK2 next to your 3 tier rack with an empty slot. Then…they make it black… You duck so you avoid getting slapped in the face. Elektron! The End.

    They do look badass though.

  3. I thought I was watching a Depeche Mode music video from circa 2006. Basically, as a publicly traded entity, Elektron has become trapped by their own creation and now recreation. They continue to regurgitate the same technology with a refacing, reintroducing same instrument to remain relevant and extend the life cycle of their products whilst not actually producing anything truly new. This is what another Swedish company did for years until it caught up with them (Clavia).

    This is cynical at best and at worst….all too common.

  4. Is this supposed to tide people over for another year?

    If they feel they’ve jumped the shark, I can see lots of gaps in Elektron’s inventory. Some people want a Wavetable synth(please). I’ve heard others on Elektronauts ask for something granular while others are looking for a dedicated mixer. These are only the tip of the iceberg.

    The only thing I’m NOT asking for is different colors of the same devices.

    I guess I’ll continue waiting.

      1. Reading the top comments here, it’s interesting that noone came up with the simple reason of update due to component availability…

  5. I wasn’t a fan of the mk2 design, but I love how this new one looks. I’m still holding onto and using my original ones, love how the old ones fit into racks so well, the mk2 ones do seem much more ergonomic though

  6. these look way better, and i best most will agree

    i have a strange thought that elektron is encouraging and supporting a used market of its own products…
    which seems fantastical from a capitalist frame of mind

    but im probably just projecting an intelligence onto the random mechanical side effects of an automated process, as i tend to do when thinking magically

  7. Because of the lack of LED dimming one these the grey color is better because of contrast. The LED’s are blinding at nighttime, with this new black finish this will be the worst version to work with until now.

  8. I have a Monomachine Mk2, Octatrack Mk2, and the Analog Keys. All wonderful machines. I get the business purpose behind the easy to access, less expensive stuff but it would really be nice to see an all new flagship at some point.

  9. Good lord they add a couple models with a new case color and so much butthurt… You’d better not go into a guitar shop, your heads would explode

    1. great point. it could be Elektron’s marketing angle could be improved. currently they are releasing new versions as the newest best iteration, when Fender releases a new Tele for example they are marketing it as a new look / feel or ‘story’ behind the instrument, brilliant because they’re not saying hey you don’t have a Tele, you need a Tele, they’re saying we know you already have 3 Tele’s but here’s why you need one more.

  10. These look great. I appreciate that they went with a smaller logo in the upper-right corner. For most manufacturers, severely reducing or removing logos/brands on faceplates would be a dramatic step in the direction of tasteful design and better UX.

  11. constantly releasing new looks / iterations is great for gaining interest from potential new users but it’s also disappointing for existing users and it has sealed my decision to never buy another Elektron box, you just know once you buy it, the newer better one will come out. these new iterations are beautiful, but already wondering what the next iterations will look like.

    1. Relax, no one is complaining, it’s called observations, opinions, criticism, praise, and general discussion. You know, what this forum is designed to do, inform and incite discussion.

  12. The updated models look great, and every owner gets a free update.

    I’ve said this elsewhere, but how many companies are delivering major free updates to older gear?

    I like that, instead of abandoning older designs, they keep iterating them and adding features that keep them relevant.

  13. There were at least 2 major known hardware issues w the Rytm MKII which I assume this update addressed (play button causing freezing & sample in button causing freezing) can’t speak on the A4 but I’m speaking from experience w both issues

  14. There were at least 2 major known hardware issues w the Rytm MKII which I assume this update addressed (play button causing freezing & sample in button causing freezing) can’t speak on the A4 but I’m speaking from experience w both issues

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