Synthesthesia 2020 Online Synth Expo Coming Oct 4, 2020

Organizers of the Synth Expo have announced Synthesthesia 2020, their first online event entirely focused on synthesizers

The inaugural event is scheduled for Sunday, October 4th, from 2pm until 10pm, The event is free with RSVP.

Since 2014, the Synth Expos haven been held in NYC, LA, Toronto, Austin and Montreal, offering synthesists a change to try the latest synths released by large manufacturers and discover new devices by boutique and modular builders.

This year, though, after launching a new event in Portland, OR, the organizers had to cancel their remaining shows for the year because of the pandemic.

Because of this, they’ve introduced Synthesthesia 2020, which is designed to be an opportunity for synth lovers to catch up with the industry, through live streams with product specialists, product launches, Q&A with experts and more. The event will also offer an opportunity to buy new synths at a discount, through specials via sales partners American Musical Supply and Synth City.

If you are interested in attending, RSVP online for free.

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