Free Launchpad Pro MK3 Update Adds Unquantized Recording, New Performance Options & More

Novation has released version 1.2 of the firmware for their Launchpad Pro [MK3], introducing unquantized recording, new randomization features and more.

Here’s what’s they have to say about the update:

“The first of the new features is called Unquantized Recording, which is activated by holding ‘Shift’ and pressing ‘Record Quantise’ while in the sequencer page of Launchpad Pro [MK3]. When Unquantised Record is active, notes will record directly to Micro Steps, creating beats and patterns with a more organic, human feel, which are a purer expression of a player’s unique musical groove.

Also in the v1.2 firmware update for Launchpad Pro [MK3] is a new feature that lets you perform and record sequences with even more intricacy and nuance than before. With the sequencer running, you can momentarily perform the selected velocity, mutation or probability values and record them into the pattern, to build expression and unpredictability into sequences. These functions breathe life into your patterns and help your music and creativity stand out.

Another new addition is the ability to set the threshold of the trigger pads, to find your perfect response, and tailor Launchpad Pro to your unique playing style. Whether you prefer a super-sensitive response or you need to compensate for a heavier touch, there’s a setting for you.

Finally, Legacy Mode re-introduces the User layout of the original Launchpad Pro. This brings a level of backwards compatibility that opens the door to a world of legacy applications and lightshow performances, and gives long-term Launchpad Pro users a way to transfer their old projects into the Launchpad Pro [MK3] environment.”

The v1.2 firmware update for Launchpad Pro [MK3] is available now via components.

7 thoughts on “Free Launchpad Pro MK3 Update Adds Unquantized Recording, New Performance Options & More

  1. Thanks Novation. Great update. Keep adding more features like always.

    Don’t forget building the Circuit Pro though. This planet deserves one.

    1. Agree!. The Beatstep and Keystep Pro seem to be more popular. They have the CV connectivity but this one has the integration with Live, also to print the stored patterns, which is really handy, and as a standalone MIDI sequencer is fantastic.

  2. does anyone here have experience in the programming side of this? which ive heard is extensive

    mainly im looking for a grid controller for elektron rytm that could display all the ‘pages’ with the pads (mutes, scenes, perf)… and control them while also having a LED state of on or off to reflect whats happening in the rytm

    i dont need it to sense the rytm, just change pads from lit to not lit… (because you can always start from fully lit on all pads as an initial state)

    im assuming all this can be done, considering all ive heard about the programming side… although if someone can comment that would be swell

    ideally it could control pattern switching as well, although the LED stuff on that would be more complex to set up

    1. I think you can go to the Components site and check out how the custom modes work by yourself-even if you don’t own the hardware. This is for CC’s, note or Program Change messages. There’s also a “programmer mode” with which you have lots of more flexibility I guess, and to send other kind of messages, but I have no experience with that.

  3. nice,its a very useful sequencer and i use it most as a grid for imputing notes into ableton,i had the launchpad pro v1 and prefer that in some ways but the sequencer is killer:)

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