Roland TR-6S vs TR-8S vs MC-101 Hands-On Comparison

In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes a look at the new Roland TR-6S, comparing it to both the TR-8S and the MC-101.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:30 Overview
2:15 TR-6S vs TR-8S
2:25 IO & power
3:05 Controls
3:15 Track knobs
4:45 Other controls
6:25 Variations
7:10 Mixer view
7:25 Sequencing
10:05 Tone banks
12:25 Kit params
13:30 Mutes
14:05 Inst params
15:05 Samples
15:25 TR-6S vs MC101
19:35 Tips & tricks
19:50 Pros & cons
21:10 TR-8S teaser

5 thoughts on “Roland TR-6S vs TR-8S vs MC-101 Hands-On Comparison

  1. Anyone know if you can shift notes off the grid. I dont mean recording unquantized, I mean laying a step and maybe holding that step and turning the knob to shift the notes a la Elektron Micro-shifting or the Deluge shifting, or the new MPC nudge unsnapped, etc. Best feature for step recording, find myself nudging every note on my deluge cause its so fast and give the rhythms some life, even if the variation is only shifting notes around differently.
    It is Roland so i wouldnt be surprised of the Tr- 8s does it but the mc 707, 101 and 6s dont.

    1. Unfortunately it does not 🙁 There is a nudge option, but its kinda pointless – it nudges the whole track/pattern, not a single step.

  2. The MC101 and MC707 can import SVZ files. The Fantom 6 has a free util that converts SF2 (standard soundfonts) to SVZ format. I tried converting a few soundfonts (at the specified sample rates), copied them to the MCs SDcard. They import OK but they show ‘EMPTY’ of instruments/presets/samples. Wondered if anyone knows why the instruments don’t show, or if there is a fix or workaround?

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