Majella Audio IMPLEXUS Now Available To Pre-Order

Majella Audio has launched a Kickstarter to fund production of the Implexus, a new synthesizer that they say combines so-called ‘West Coast’ and ‘East Coast’ synthesis approaches in a single device.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The philosophy behind the unique analog signal path of the Implexus is to create sound by adding harmonics instead of subtracting them. The unique sound comes from West-coast style synthesis techniques including:

    •  Waveshaping: Voltage controlled waveform shaping by adding even/odd Harmonics
    •  Wavefolding: Voltage controlled folding of the tops of a waveform
    •  Bias: Voltage controlled asymmetrical analog clipping
    •  Audiorate (cross) modulations: VCO FM, VCA AM, VCF FM, BIAS, FOLD and SHAPE

With the Implexus there comes a point that after hours of tweaking, you will be surprised to find out you haven’t even touched the VCF yet.. But it is there in the more EAST-coast style techniques the Implexus offers, including:

    •  Filter: Voltage controlled Lowpass / Hi-pass filter
    •  Basic VCO: Saw/Sine/Square voltage controlled oscillator
    •  Sub-Oscillator: Thick Square wave oscillator -1 octave
    •  ADSR Envelopes: Looping ADSR envelopes with velocity amount controls
    •  LFO’s: Clock synced / tap tempo LFO’s with multiple selectable waveforms

The Implexus also includes a tape-emulating style delay that can be clock synced and offers Tap Tempo!”

Feature Overview:

Pricing and Availability

Production of the Implexus is being funded via Kickstarter project, and the synth is available to project backers for €1,299. Because it is crowdfunded, there is risk involved to backers. See the project site to understand the details.

10 thoughts on “Majella Audio IMPLEXUS Now Available To Pre-Order

    1. The Implexus sounds sounds fantastic!!
      Listened to it a lot and yes it comes at a price
      but all great things do. Deffo worth every penny?

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