Tiptop Audio ZVERBZ Brings 24 New Reverbs To Z-DSP Platform


Tiptop Audio has introduced ZVERBZ, a collection of new stereo reverb algorithms for the Z-DSP Eurorack audio effects processor.

The effects range from typical reverbs to more complex effects that combine delay and pitch shifting with reverb.

The effects are grouped by decades, based on either the era an algorithm was introduced or the time when the effect was most popular.

This variety of reverbs covers small to epic size spaces, with the addition of shimmering, feedback tunneled pitch shifting, tape delay drivers, gated reverbs and a lot more. Analog clocking of the DSP chip and CV over the parameters enables even more experimentation.

Video demo timeline:

0:00:00 70s Hall
0:02:12 70s Plate
0:05:56 70s Bright Plate
0:07:19 70s Tape Plate
0:09:35 70s Earliest Verb
0:11:55 70s Space station
0:15:00 70s Prehst A
0:18:25 70s Epic Mod Hall
0:23:17 80s Verb1
0:26:22 80s Ambience
0:28:44 80s Gate LPF
0:31:15 80s Delay – Hall
0:34:35 80s Shimmer Octave Up-Down
0:38:15 80s Shimmer Pich Adjust
0:43:37 80s Blooming
0:47:19 80s Pitch Over Plate
0:52:05 90s Room
0:55:57 90s Void
1:00:47 90s Downward Spiral
1:08:37 90s Random Hall
1:13:16 90s Pong Verb
1:16:51 90s Chord Verb
1:19:17 90s Delay Pitch Chorus
1:22:47 90s Formant Verb

70’s Card:

80’s Card:

90’s Card:

Details and extensive audio demos are available the Tiptop Audio site.

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