Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme (Cover)

Synthesist KOSmusic shared their take on Jan Hammer‘s Crocket’s Theme, from the soundtrack to the 80’s TV series Miami Vice.

Here’s what they have to say about the technical details:

To recreate the sound of the guitar as close as possible to the original one, I created a virtual instrument (playing various notes/slides/palm muting/etc. of my Les Paul) and thanks to the synth I was able to play it giving it the electronic effect, and recreate all of them the small pitch bends characteristic of Jan Hammer’s legendary guitar.

The bass line having been created with an arpeggio in random mode (on the Jupiter-8), in certain points of the track it can be a little different from the original.

Thanks to my wife’s passion for sewing, we decided to try to recreate the “Crockett” style t-shirt and blazer from scratch, with the fabrics we had available at home.

18 thoughts on “Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme (Cover)

    1. Inspiration chaps NOT a copy.

      Conceptually it’s easy to hear Crockets theme took inspiration from Vangelis The Bounty End titles.

        1. @Anal OG

          listen without comparing melody chords progressions to Vangelis The Bounty END titles

          then listen to Crockets Theme.

          Inspiration is clear :

          1. Structurally.
          Percussion pads bass sequence starts The Bounty End titles : followed by Crockett’s theme.
          Piano main melody then introduced in The Bounty : followed by Crockett’s theme.

          2. Sounds
          Even the prominent “Brrrrrr” sound from Bounty End Titles is copied prominently in Crockett’s theme.

          Bass Drum from The Bounty End titles

          3. Patterns
          Of bass sequence hihats shakers from The Bounty End titles .

          4. Atmospherically
          It’s clear Crockett’s theme emulated The Bounty End Titles to evoke a similar atmosphere.

  1. Looks like real Luhta Don Johnson collection from early 1990’s. I worked as a member of the marketing team in Luhta on those days.

  2. I think of this period as that magic cultural zone when synthesizers were new and intriguing, before we learned about the madhouse it was to tour with them. All hail anyone who did! We’re far better off now. Jan’s work is all good, take your pick. 2018’s “Seasons Part 1” is great modern Jan. Also check out his vintage masterpiece “The First Seven Days.” It’ll bend your brain.

    1. The First Seven Days was great when it came out, and to my ears outshines his work for Miami Vice.

      Great grooves and fantastic playing!

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