Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4 Now Shipping

Sequential has announced that the recently re-introduced Prophet-5 is now shipping.

They note, “I think we know who gets serial no.1….”

Creator Dave Smith, above, calls the Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4 “the best of all Prophets, by embodying all three revisions of the original. We did this by adding a Rev switch to the front panel, so you can choose your preferred filter.”

Pricing and Availability:

The Prophet-5 has a US MAP of $3,499. The Prophet-10 has a US MAP of $4,299.

43 thoughts on “Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4 Now Shipping

  1. Thats one thing about the Bay Area, rich people look like poor people and poor people look messed up! He looks like a straight “G” in that photo. Good on him!

    1. It’s the big news of the month so far. And it’s much better than reading about some Chinese company appropriating someone else’s famous design.

        1. This is like saying a pyramid made from over 2,000,000 Chinese bricks is German because the pointy top one was made there.

    1. when you’re outdoors and doing exercise away from other people, I think the advice is that it is safest _not_ to wear a mask. By “exercise”, I obviously mean picking up Prophet 5’s and putting them in the boot of your tesla.

  2. hang on just a minute Dave. You know, I absolutely LOVE you and everything you have invented for the world, BUT isn’t the Rev2 the best of all Prophets?!?!?!

      1. I’d rather have a Korg Prologue 16 with analog oscillators AND the programmable digital oscillator. And i would have $2000 left to spend on more gear.

        1. I’ve GOT a Korg Prologue 16 and bought it for way less than that, and it’s awesome. Best synth I’ve owned thus far (sold my PRophet 6 and OB-6 cos I honestly prefer the sound and feel of the Korg) BUT I also want a Prophet 5. They are different beasts and you can own/keep both. P5 on the bottom and P16 above (on a 2 tier ultimate stand!)

        2. Good luck on you to get a one that has no tuning issues – I ordered a Prologue 16 and it had the reported problems with no update solving anything! It’s definitely an ill fated product!

          1. The Prologue had it’s tuning issue FULLY FIXED in a firmware/software update ages ago. It’s rock solid now, and sounds great. I also have a Prophet 10 rev 4 which is about the best sounding Poly you can get without going crazy for a river…

        3. Had a Prologue for a while. Not happy with the build quality or the tone….sold it for an OB-6.
          Also disagree–5 notes of Prophet-5 is worth way more than $3,500 to me.

    1. There are only 5 articles about the re-release of one of the most monumental synths ever made from the original creator (this is Synthtopia if you didn’t know).

      Don’t see you complaining about Behringer listings for days on end after a new clone. Maybe go fill up the comment sections of the random Eurorack module pages that have 0 comments.

  3. It’s great to see the Prophet 5 back – and with MIDI this time.

    People seem to forget that Dave Smiths force is in the digital domain. The analogue circuits making up for the analogue sound has always been the CEM and the SSM chips. Putting them together and making synthesizer that could remember it’s sound was the trick. Dave Smith was a forerunner in that respect.

    At the time when the first Prophet 5 was released – making the keyboards work was also a challenge. Getting the right voice to play the correct note etc. Tom Oberheim had bought digital scanner keyboards from E-mu to make his 4 and 8 voice SEMs.. not sure how Dave did it and I have no idea what Yamaha did to scan the CS-80 keyboard.

    Anyway – when it comes to the Prophet 5 pricing – you can go online and check the current prices on the analogue circuitry yourself.. (not sure if they’re all CEMs – it maybe that the reissues of the better sounding and improved SSM’s are used for the filter) and do the math. Personally I think it could be done a tad cheaper (although that will also depend on how many units they expect to sell).

  4. As an owner , I can confirm this thing is stunning , the wood makes the look, someone was moaning about the wood, every synth today is just a cheap metal sheet, nice to see some REAL timber used in the construction of the Prophet 5 Rev 4, yes it costs a few quid !!! but i can tell you the feel of the knobs are unlike any other synth I have played over 40 years of playing the build on this synth is just top notch in every way, , the keys feel amazing, reminds me of the Roland D-50 action which I loved, when you stand in front of this thing you know you have a real synthesizer in front of you , the sounds are just so rich. all the undulations of the oscillators is just amazing I have programmed a few sounds I need already it was so easy, no menu diving just good old analog synthesis, I have used it on 3 tracks already and it sounds great. If you want quality you have to pay.

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