Suiko ST-50 Koto Synthesizer Hands-On Demo With Hainbach

In his latest video, German synthesist Hainbach takes a look at the Suiko ST-50 Koto Synthesizer, a rare 80’s Japanese electronic instrument.

If you’ve used the Suiko ST-50, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

Video Summary:

“In which I demo and make music with an obscure synthesizer made for the Japanese traditional music market, the Suiko ST-50. Created to accompany poetry, the ST-50 is a beautiful and strangely timeless instrument. Its haunting sound and unusual playing style set it apart from many other instruments.”

10 thoughts on “Suiko ST-50 Koto Synthesizer Hands-On Demo With Hainbach

    1. really im starting to have a problem with artists trying to trade mark things.. its an old instruments with all the respect hainbach , im not trying to criticise his work in any way, but why the hell do artist always want to show what the do !?!??!?!
      just do whatever and give us music, thats the most important… i dont give a F&%k about how you do it !!!
      Just like dogs who want to piss everywhere !!!


  1. Some really cool sounds in there. I’m sure they can be found on some other instruments like the sakura image line vst. but just the intriguing nature of what all those sliders do! lol

  2. His Patreon is one of the few that’re worth it. He’s made samples of it (which is 99% of the instrument, anyway), and he actually knows how to sample.

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