Arturia Polybrute Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

Synthesist Olivier Briand shared this hands-on demo of the new Arturia PolyBrute synthesizer.

The first 15 seconds are a quick intro to the PolyBrute in French. Then the video features over a half-hour of musical examples of the Arturia PolyBrute in action.

The Arturia PolyBrute is a 6-voice analog synth, based on Arturia’s ‘Brute’ oscillators and dual filters. The synth features two Brute oscillators per voice, feeding into dual filters, a Steiner filter and a Moog-style filter. The filters can be patched in series, in parallel, or as a mix of both.

The PolyBrute also offers extensive modulation and control options, which Brian demonstrates in the video.

6 thoughts on “Arturia Polybrute Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

      1. Even though it has one less voice, why does the new Prophet 5 cost significantly more that the Prophet 6?

        Beginning at 4:14 in this clip from a few years ago, while talking about the Prophet 6, Dave Smith himself says that, “Compared to a Prophet 5, it goes well beyond it, but because of the way the circuits are designed, it really has the same heart and soul that the original Prophet 5 did.”

        Dave Smith then talks about John Bowen creating the same 40 sound presets for the Prophet 6 that he did for the original Prophet 5, and then they compared the 40 sounds on the Prophet 6 to his Prophet 5. Dave Smith says, “We were amazed how close they were…” and that they were, “…mostly indistinguishable.”

        Dave Smith said that the Prophet 6 goes well beyond the Prophet 5, but it costs significantly more. Why is that.

        The new Prophet 5 has a five octave keyboard vs the 4 octave keyboard of the Prophet 6, and the new Prophet 5 has “hand-oiled sustainable black walnut heartwood” as part of its case. It also has a switch that allows you to select between two different filter chip types (the Prophet 6 filter section is far more flexible).

        Here’s the main reason the new Prophet 5 costs substantially more than the Prophet 6: The new Prophet 5 has a nostalgia factor that is targeted at synth enthusiasts with money and the many who really can’t afford one but will use a credit card to buy it.

  1. Why does everyone on this site bitch about price all the time?

    Keep using your VST’s or Behringer stuff, which is absolutely fine, and stop acting like you know what its like to run a business.

    It costs money to build premium products. Companies work on profit margins. They don’t arbitrarily price something to rip you off. Imagine the difference in quality between a PolyBrute or a P5, and some Behringer knock off that costs $300.

    The “profit margins”, that is the percentage of profit needed to build the product and pay the bills is roughly the same for anyone.

  2. Of course I am aware of profit margins, and of course every company is free to offer their products at whichever price they see fit. That said, consumers have the equal right to decide whether they are going to buy that certain product based on the price/features ratio or not. I personally would buy a 8 voices model for the same (or slightly more expensive) price.

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