Superbooth 2021 Scheduled For May 5-8 With Pandemic Precautions

Superbooth organizers have announced plans to hold an in-person event from May 5th to 8th, 2021 at the FEZ Berlin.

They also are announcing a new guitar-focused event, SOOPERgrail, to be held April 30th to May 2nd, 2021.

Several changes are being made in response to the ongoing pandemic – including restricting the number of daily attendees,  extending the event from three days to four and moving many activities outside.

Here’s what they say about their pandemic precautions:

“Exhibitor and visitor numbers for the two events are strictly limited due to the changed circumstances. The well-known high quality of the discussions, meetings, concerts, demonstrations and workshops can only benefit from this. The calmer environment should also improve the situation when testing and exploring the exhibited products. For absent manufacturers, special concepts for digital and interactive integration into the event are in the makings.

Up to 150 exhibitors at SUPERBOOTH21 and 90 at SOOPERgrail meet a maximum of 500 visitors simultaneously in the building. Through a smart swap system, this number is doubled daily, allowing a total number of visitors of 4000 for SUPERBOOTH21 and 1000 for SOOPERgrail.

The hygiene concept for both events is already in the approval process. There are additional event areas in the green, further buildings around the FEZ Berlin and a space concept with tours and one-way routes through the exhibitions located in the buildings. This will ensure the most generous distribution of visitors on the exhibition grounds.

An additional exhibition day reserved only for the professional visitors of SUPERBOOTH21, as well as the Labour Day as conference afternoon, exclusively for exhibitors and invited guests of SOOPERgrail, support thereby the special character as a unique meeting and experience space for all participants.”

In this video, Superbooth creator Andreas Schneider discusses the plans for 2021:

8 thoughts on “Superbooth 2021 Scheduled For May 5-8 With Pandemic Precautions

  1. Having attended Superbooth in 2019 I was beyond excited to visit again in 2020, but I fear even with these measures for 2021 I’d be loathe to attend.

    It isn’t that they’re necessarily minimal or ineffective, it’s that an attendee like me must book a plane flight, and ride the U-bahn, and put myself out several other ways to get there.

  2. Interesting news. I’ve been thinking oh by May all this will be over. But then I see this news and think “Oh no, is it really going to be safe enough?” So apparently in the back of my mind I don’t really believe it is going to be all over by May.

    This winter I think is going to be pretty bad. I keep thinking when people see it is bad they will say oh we have to do more, we have to wear masks, we have to stop going to bars and restaurants and getting together for house parties.

    But the numbers go up and people shrug and say “I don’t care! It’s mostly old people dying and I will be young forever.”

    So this event perhaps will be for the young. They might get infected, and might infect their elders. But it’s Ok because they will inherit those estates and then can use the proceeds to buy more gear and consume consume consume obey.

    Praise Moloch.

    1. Hehe. I was in the lucky/unlucky position to eye-witness Mr. Schneider in his hub to serve the nerds with his toys. His favourite phrase about anything he couldn’t sell was ‘Things the world doesn’t need’… LOL and what is it he is selling? Severely eco-unfriendly electro trash that one day gonna burn the lungs of a child searching for copper and gold.

  3. Move Superbooth, and NAMM, to a city where their rioting and looting, Mainstream media says it doesn’t spread at these peaceful type protest locations, Dr Fauci said we will never go back to a normal life, and face masks will more than likely be a permanent thing in life to prevent pandemics in the future. Media, has already said their against any vaccine until there’s a different Administration. even though it would be the same scientists working on the vaccine.
    OR, Everybody can just lock themselves in their homes and wait for the Media to give us all permission to resume our lives.

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