MP MIDI Controller Brings Hardware Control To Your Music Software

MP MIDI Controller is a new MIDI controller that’s designed to let you use your software like hardware.

MP Midi is a combination of a hardware controller and software that runs in your DAW as a plugin. The combination let you control each of your plugins like a hardware unit.

The hardware controller controls only the currently open MP plugin in the DAW. This means that MIDI remote control is transferred automatically to your open MP plugin. In the DAW, upon opening the window of the any MP Host plugin, remote hardware control becomes exclusive to that MP Host plugin. You only control what you see on screen.

MP midi can be hosted in any major DAW that supports either VST3, AU, AAX and at the same time can host plugins in VST2/VST3/AU format on Mac and VST2/VST3 on PC

Here’s a demo of MP MIDI being used to control a software synthesizer:

MP MIDI is available for pre-order. See the MP MIDI site for details.

22 thoughts on “MP MIDI Controller Brings Hardware Control To Your Music Software

  1. Preorder now! We’ll build it in the near future probably! Definitely looks interesting, just a little larger than it needs to be.

    1. That’s what I’m saying. Why don’t companies like Akai and so on just build the hardware base and software app and let the user connect their iPad/Tablet…

  2. I had a Feeltune Rhizome LE. Look it up. It was ahead of its time and brilliant. I have been chomping for someone to grab their intellectual property or them to restart their company. This may be an equivalent replacement.

  3. Cool concept, but not a single mention of expected price on their website. Why would someone pre-order something without even knowing how much it’d cost?

      1. Yeah, you really had to dig for that price but its there. Spidey senses were tingling. Thought this was like the scam from Lock,Stock and Two Smoking Barrels for ass ticklers anonymous.

  4. Can’t find any info on resolution-per-turn for the encoders and hi-res control support (14 bit midi or hi-res automation param control). Pretty essential pieces of info. I’m assuming the info is missing. because the news would not be good (not surprising since its less than 1k – good encoders are expensive) but if it had more res-per-turn than a midi fighter twister or BCR2k, and automation control, this would be an instant buy.

    1. I thought if they are encoders then the range-per-turn would be based on scan rates and how the software is configured to interpret the pulses. They usually do some kind of “ballistics” where if you are turning the encoder quickly it will skip over values, but at some slower speed it will give you 1-to-1 accuracy. I thought that was how the BCR2000 works. 14-bit should be easy, since it is encoders and not potentiometers.

  5. With that touch screen, are you able to access functions in the software that can’t be controlled by knobs (creating lfo’s in serum or selecting wave tables in massive for example)?

  6. Actually I am waiting for something like this. First I want to try this in the store. Always concerned about the quality and how fast the knobs reacts with the software..

    Maybe also nice to make a mini controller with display around the knobs like the Novation Launch Control.

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