Is The Korg Monotribe More Than A Toy In 2020?

Synthesist Mihail Adrian Simion, aka Alba Ecstasy, shared this synth jam, exploring the possibilities of the Korg Monotribe synthesizer.

Simion notes, “Fat sound, vintage drums, LFO, noise, sequencer, battery powered: amazing toy! Or it’s maybe more than a toy?”

Is the Korg Monotribe more than a toy in 2020? Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments!

Technical Details:

Delay: H-Waves, Reverb: Blackhole. No EQing.

20 thoughts on “Is The Korg Monotribe More Than A Toy In 2020?

        1. You tell me, Is it still worth calling others “trolls” in 2020 and complaining they don’t contribute while not adding nothing to the conversation?

  1. Growls like a beast, great filter, one of the first products to get CV control, soundwise this punches waaay above its weight.

  2. My only gripe with the Monologue was that there was no input line for my Monotribe.
    The Monotribe with the NTS-1 seems like a good pairing though.

    1. Right, So you unrespectfully talking about respect and diminishing my existence here while saying not to diminish?
      He called the monotribe a toy, Asking if it’s “worth in 2020”.
      it’s obnoxious and irritating. the performance was also mediocre.

      If this style of comment helps minimize this type of uploads and headlines “cause only the brave will upload” It feels productive against the downgrading of synth’youber content.

    2. Sorry you’re way out of line here. Not every comment on a public forum has to be positive. It’s better if it isn’t. We can’t all go around thanking and liking stuff just because it might upset someone. That’s a one way ticket to complete mediocrity on every level. What incentive is there to excel yourself if everyone says your stuff is good when it clearly isn’t? The idea that people should keep their mouth shut unless they’ve something good to say is totally misguided. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. He’s right anyways. The video was completely mediocre and not a single person was asking whether the monotribe was either a toy or worth anything in 2020. The level of thought put into it is evident from the junk title.

  3. Calling it a toy is tolerable, since all of this stuff is partly *in* the Toys category. Implying that its not a good musical tool is another matter. It was a lovely little demo and a solid proof-of-concept moment.

    There’s huge power in virtually any modern synth, large or small. A user with ideas doesn’t have problems with the gear past the usual minor side issues. My question would be “Are you clever enough to make good USE of a Monotribe in 2020?” Slagging synths online is like the balding guy with a comb-over, stylin’ in a convertible; it makes people yell “Sorry about your small p***s!”

  4. Not a toy. Very useful tool. Excellent filter, wicked LFO and super hackable. The drum parts we’re basic but far from unusable. I used to own 3 of them and are great for live performance and studio alike. Anyone calling it a toy or the Volca’s toys is simply an elitist.

    These types of videos are obnoxious to me and I do not watch them.

    1. Perhaps you should have done what I did: just listen to it. Nice music, and I enjoyed it for a bit while I do my day job.

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