Q165 Prototype Module Streamlines Moog Format DIY – the company that has defined the modern standard for Moog format modular synthesizers – has introduced the Q165 Prototype Module, a new MU module that’s designed to give you an easy way to implement custom module designs for Moog format modular synthesizers. Q165 Prototype Module

The Q165 panel features jacks, switches and LEDs. White blocks provide space to write labels using a fine-point ink marker.

The prototype board provides center and side power rails, and enough space for 4-6 integrated circuits. The pad-per-hole array accepts most common thru-hole components and is arranged like a typical proto board and solderless breadboard, but with additional holes on the sides to accept MTA connectors.

A variety of parts are provided in the kit including PCB mounting spacers, MTA connectors for power, jacks and pots, and a variety of common integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, transistors and diodes.

The system assumes that you have the circuit design, parts and skills to create a custom module.

Pricing and Availability

The Q165 Prototype Module is available to pre-order now, with an intro price of $88 USD.

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