Erae Touch Expressive Music Controller Available To Preorder

Startup manufacturer Embodme has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the Erae Touch expressive MIDI controller,

The Erae Touch is a multi-touch pad controller that they say is exceptionally sensitive to finger touch and percussion mallets or sticks. It can support up to 10 simultaneous points of contact, at extremely low latency, for real-time live performances.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“The surface is made of soft silicone, allowing for smooth transitions, with very precise and flawless transitions. This midi controller enables musical touch such as vibratos, portamentos or pizzicato, like one would play on a real acoustic instrument.

The built-in array of 1,000 Force Sensors and RGB LEDs coupled with the configuration software the Erae Lab, allows for any configuration with up to 32 layouts stored on the device in standalone mode. The Erae Lab offers the ability to customize your pad with various music objects and control zones such as faders, xyz pads, isomorphic grids or multi-track step sequencers. It will also come with several pre-made settings and offer the ability to share your templates with other users. It was built to control any digital audio workstation or MIDI compatible synthesizers through its USB-Type C and MIDI-TRS port (also compatible with the new MIDI 2.0 standard).”

The hardware device will also come with a version of AudioDamage’s Continua plugin and expand the capabilities of the software with MPE-ready templates.

Pricing and Availability:

The Erae Touch is available to project backers for about $689. The project has already met its funding goal.

Note that crowd-funding projects entail risk to participants. See the project site for details.

16 thoughts on “Erae Touch Expressive Music Controller Available To Preorder

  1. The versatility of the surface, and the implementation of MIDI 2.0 is very promising indeed. The use of LEDs seems clever and satisfying.

    How durable is silicone in the long term? Does the company address the potential need for replacement silicone?

    I think this surface would be much more satisfying than glass rubbing, generally. But the devil is in the details, and the risks for Kickstarters are significant.

    1. Apparently it’s pretty darn durable: “Silicone rubber is generally non-reactive, stable, and resistant to extreme environments and temperatures” and “Silicone rubber is highly inert and does not react with most chemicals and isn’t available to participate in biological processes allowing it to be used in many medical applications including medical implants” (Wikipedia)

      1. I’ve used silicone (qwerty) keyboard covers for many years. Yes, it’s durable, and I replace them every year or two. That is just tapping on it. Granted, it is quite thin. Some kitchen implements last longer– like those baking sheets.

        Striking with a stick, or rubbing across the surface will probably give it a bit more stress.

  2. They told yesterday on their facebook live that they’ll provide silicone replacement (not for free) in case it was damaged

  3. I have a Linnstrument 200 and a Sensel Morph. I like them both, but the size of this controller looks really good. Hopefully it has a robust software implementation as the Linnstrument and the Morph.
    Anyone can make the controller, but actually controlling with it requires a lot of commitment on the software side…MPE is still new and buggy.

    Looks cool and I will most definitely seek to try it out when it is released.

  4. Looks promising. I love my Linnstrument and have gotten used to it’s response curve. A lot of the MPE sound design and patch creation I do has my Linnstrument playing dynamics in mind. Wonder how this will feel in comparison. I know the Roli Block (M) (which has a similar design philosophy) was far too squishy to actually play well on. Hopefully this doesn’t suffer the same fate.

  5. I find it too expensive for a kickstarter project. If it was cheaper I might’ve joined the campaign. If was under 500,- for a backer it would’ve made more sense but since they’re already asking 700,- I wonder what retail price would be.. probably way overpriced.

  6. Some of its functions can be done with a tablet, some with a keyboard, some with drum pads. This does all of those, but not necessarily better

  7. Looks an awful lot like a larger ROLI light-pad block – and you can simply connect several of those together & there’s reams of software to use them.

    1. Yeah….but the lightpad blocks are 200 bucks a piece. You could spend 800 dollars and not come to the same size surface area as the erae touch.

      It’s fine that it looks an awful lot like a larger ROLI lightpad, my arturia keystep looks an awful lot like a smaller version of another midi controller w/ similar features!

        1. Couldve been/could still be in the pipeline. Im guessing roli took a big loss with the seaboard so they changed their product strategy around the modular components of theres we see now, small design and form factor, better for iterating, developing, larger market, etc. So if there is market inrerest and Roli sees opportunity or hits their strategy metrics Im sure they will jump on it

  8. I was looking for a customisable drum pad to replace my now ancient DrumKat and saw this on kickstarter and thought why not? I’d rather support inventive new businesses who push boundaries than the big boys who churn out the same stuff re-packaged. Bravo Embodme!

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