Trautonium Subharmonics With AJH Synth Next Phase Modules

This video, via Ghost Money, captures a series of improvisations exploring the possibilities of the combination of a Trautonium with two AJH Synth Next Phase modules.

The Trautonium is a early expressive electronic musical instrument, invented around 1929 by Friedrich Trautwein. The design is monophonic (per manual), but allows for continuous pitch and volume control, allowing for expressive performance.

Here’s what Ghost Money shared about the performance:

“Improvisations using two of the rather excellent AJH Synth Next Phase modules I recently acquired. One for each manual/subharmonic generator.

Not intended as a module demonstration, just exploring some of the timbral possibilities and sharing with you.”

2 thoughts on “Trautonium Subharmonics With AJH Synth Next Phase Modules

  1. Hi Andrew, I’ll take the “shades of Messiaen” as a most pleasing compliment. Chords on the trautonium are derived from frequency divisions of the oscillators pitch, thus you can have up to four notes (sunharmonics) on each manual. Different subharmonic selections can be obtained by left-centre-right switches on the foot controlers. This gives you three chord selections per manual / subharmonic generator.

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