ADDAC Stand Lets You Customize The Ergonomics Of Your Modular Synthesizer

ADDAC System has introduced Stand, described as ‘a simple but intelligent solution for securely mounting Eurorack frames and other compatible musical hardware.’

The ADDAC Stand is designed to let you control the ergonomics of your system, letting you adjust the angle of your modular synth between 7° and 70° with the turn of a wing nut.

The Stand can be used to customize the angle of your system.

Each ADDAC Stand is comprised of two pairs each, with four pieces each: the main resting piece and three interchangeable pieces that can be swapped for different angle ranges. These interchangeable pieces slide onto the main resting piece, so you can achieve your desired case / equipment angle.

Note: ADDAC suggests letting them know the model and brand of your case or other gear when ordering, so that they can try to ensure compatibility. They say that, if your frame has protruding feet at the bottom, the stand may not work for part of the specified angle range, since at some angles the feet may come into contact with the table.

Pricing and Availability

The ADDAC Stand is sold as a pair and will be shipping in mid-November for €70. See the ADDAC System site for details.

5 thoughts on “ADDAC Stand Lets You Customize The Ergonomics Of Your Modular Synthesizer

  1. yeesh, apple/teenage engineering prices for a metal bracket. I’ll see if i can recreate this with cheap home depot parts for $15-20.

    1. If your time is worth $0 then driving to Home Despot and waiting in line is totally worth it.

      I’ll never understand the contempt some people have for nicely-designed things. Bitterness?

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