GeoShred Pro 5 Adds Support For GeoSWAM Physically Modeled Instruments

Wizdom Music let us know that they’ve released GeoShred Pro 5, a major update to their iPad software instrument that makes GeoSWAM physically modeled instruments available to be played with GeoShred’s touchscreen interface or with a hardware MPE controller.

GeoShred – described as “a fusion of Jordan Rudess’ performance concepts and a powerful, modeled guitar/effects based on the Physical Modeling research of Dr. Julius O. Smith III of Stanford/CCRMA” – turns your iPad into an instrument that gives you a wide range of expressive control over each note that you play.


  • In-App-Purchases (IAP) for 6 different GeoSWAM instruments, GeoViolin, GeoFlute, GeoTenoSax, GeoCello, GeoClarinet, and GeoOboe
  • A fluidly expressive playing surface + a Physically modeled guitar
  • Au3 plugin support on devices running iOS 11.4 or greater
  • Intelligent pitch rounding
  • A diatonic keyboard where every key on the screen is in the scale.
  • MIDI IN/OUT and MPE support
  • MIDI control using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, virtual MIDI and all digital interfaces
  • MIDI configuration presets
  • 3D touch on iPhones that support 3D touch
  • Customizable control surface can be mapped to physical MIDI controls
  • Inter-App Audio and Audiobus support.
  • Backing tracks
  • Multiple Modeled effects
  • Modeled feedback and VCF effects
  • Echo, a unique looper and multi-tap echo
  • Finger vibrato, slide and fret scraping
  • Unique mono mode using intervals of multiple strings.
  • Built-in Arpeggiator
  • Alternative tunings and temperaments
  • Support for world scales and temperaments including Indian Ragas, Arabic and Balinese scales.
  • Easily share presets with friends

Getting Started Video Tutorial:

Pricing and Availability

GeoShred Pro is available now for $24.99. The GeoSWAM instruments are available as In-App purchases.

4 thoughts on “GeoShred Pro 5 Adds Support For GeoSWAM Physically Modeled Instruments

  1. To me, these are among the most satisfying patches available to play on any platform. Sure, Audio Modeling has its own version of those patches as desktop plugins and they can be controlled via GeoShred. What moForte did with the integration is more interesting, in part because of the control model. These patches are really optimized for the GeoShred control surface and work really well with other MPE controllers (including software ones).

    Just to be clear, these are meant to only be playable with the controllers mentioned: MPE controllers or GeoShred itself. There’s a technical restriction which purposefully prevents one from using, say, a windcontroller or keyboard to play these sounds. It sounds like this was part of the deal between Audio Modeling and moForte. While GeoShred itself does work with any controller (for its own sounds), the Audio Modeling strategy is much less about meeting users where they are.

  2. Electronic instruments, like dogs and Twinkies, have an expiration date. GeoShred is mind-bogglingly good, but I’d have to load a specific iPad for the job and treat it like a beloved guitar in a case until it died a natural death. No more casual Net connection for mere goofing around! It broadens your range of serious MPE choices a lot. I just wonder if anyone plays this AND a ROLI AND a LinnStrument AND a Continuum, etc. Its so intimate, you sort of have to pick one & master it or you’re only dabbling, just IMO.

  3. The soundtracks of these videos caused a flashback of staying at luxurious Holiday Inn Holidomes with my parents in the late 1970s.

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