Aphex Twin’s Vintage Yamaha CS-5 Available On eBay

Producer Jason Amm (Solvent) let us know about a new eBay auction for a vintage Yamaha CS-5 analog monosynth that was previously owned by Richard D. James (Aphex Twin).

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“This no ordinary synthesizer; in fact this is the ultimate, holy grail of Aphex Twin memorabilia.

This CS-5 was previously owned by Richard D. James, who hand-etched the liner notes to Aphex Twin’s seminal Selected Ambient Works Volume II on the bottom of it. Those etchings were photographed and used for SAWII’s artwork.

This synth was purchased by me in 2006 from a Vemia auction in the UK. Other than loaning it to Ghostly/Suction Records recording artist Solvent to record his RDJCS5ep 12-inch in 2011, the synth has been carefully stored at my house. The synth has never been serviced, repaired, or modified by me, and is in the same condition as when I received it.

It runs on 230V UK power, with a UK plug. You can see some additional etchings and markings in the photos – these were all in place (and likely done by Aphex Twin himself) when I received it. It’s in perfect working order as far as I know, but I offer no guarantee of its functional condition; anyone who’s buying this will surely be buying it for its provenance.”

As noted above, Amm used the synth in the creation of his RDJCS5EP. You can preview a track from the EP, Tassels, below:

Details on the Yamaha CS-5 are available at the auction listing. A small edition of Solvent’s RDJCS5ep is also available now on EP.

10 thoughts on “Aphex Twin’s Vintage Yamaha CS-5 Available On eBay

  1. I have a Yamaha PSS 125 that belonged to a guy who claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. I’ll sell it on eBay for 20,000 bucks

  2. Im an AFX fan. I make pretty dope money. This is plain stupidity. They list no COA, admit it has never it has been service, and say folks may be buying it because of where it came from. This isnt just stupid. During a pandemic, this is some straight up asshole stuff. Weak hustle. Cute stories attached to that $14,000 markup. They really think a story is worth $14,000.

    1. It’s a bit of a pointless thing for you to try to judge. Maybe “during a pandemic” the guy who owned it got laid off from his job and owes six months of rent.

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