New Music From Synthesist Ian Boddy, ‘Axiom’

Synthesist and DiN label head Ian Boddy has released a new album, Axiom (DiN64), that he says is inspired by the ‘Kosmische music’ of the 70’s.

The Kosmische style is defined in large part by the work of Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Popol Vuh, who were featured on the 1972 Ohr Records compilation, Kosmische Musik.

Boddy’s new album originated with a track that he created for the Bluetech compilation album Portals, which featured music, by a wide variety of artist, that reflected their Kosmische music heritage. From this starting point, Boddy decided to create a full album in the style.

Here’s what the label has to say about Axiom:

The six tracks on “Axiom” certainly reference Boddy’s musical roots with its pulsating sequencer passages that hark back to the Berlin School sequencing of Tangerine Dream, most especially on the powerhouse track “Nitro”. The self referential track “Boddy Love” is an in joke with a nod to a classic 70’s Klaus Schulze album and features a gorgeous melodic sequence line that steadily grows to a beautiful climax before gently fading into the distance.

Elsewhere “Icon” with its subsonic bass throb and veil of orchestral strings climbs to a sonic summit before crashing down to the sublime and emotional piece “The Fallen”.

Closing out the album the title track bookends the albums opener “Omicron” with a slice of Synthwave that has it all from analogue sequences, vintage drum machines and soaring chords for an emotional, joyous journey.”

You can preview Axiom via the embedded player below. It’s available in physical and digital formats via Bandcamp.


1 Omicron 06:18
2 Nitro 07:41
3 Boddy Love 05:59
4 Icon 09:30
5 The Fallen 05:20
6 Axiom 06:09

Total Time: 41:07

5 thoughts on “New Music From Synthesist Ian Boddy, ‘Axiom’

    1. Me too. If rock and roll will never die, why not our music, too?

      I’ve been loving the resurgence of synth music albums. This is the type of stuff that got me into electronic music in the 70’s, Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, etc. This type of music seemed to die when new age took over, but in the last ten years there’s a lot of cool stuff going on.

      I’d highly recommend the compilation album mentioned in the article, Portal, and also the compilation album Gemstones. They both turned me on to a bunch of new synth artists. Brendan Pollard, for example, is a must for TD fans!

      Also, Arc and Redshift are great groups doing the Berlin School thing.

      I’m listening to Axiom now, and really like it. It reminds me a bit of Boddy’s work with Arc. One of the tracks reminds me a little of ‘X’ by Schulze, too, with a string orchestra combined with synths and sequences.

      This music is helping me to survive the pandemic. Things may suck now, but put on a great album and you can imagine anything.

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