Live Neo-Classical Electronic Fusion Performance, ‘Atlas’

Swiss synthesist & producer Timo Loosli, aka Faux Tales, shared this live location performance of his neo-classical electronic fusion track Atlas.

The performance was filmed live at Abbatiale Bellelay, Switzerland, a former monastery that’s now used as a performance and exhibition space.

Here’s what Loosli told us about the performance:

“I’ve been working on bringing my electronic productions to stage in an interesting way. I now have a new video which features a full band setup and a string quartet.

As a piano, I use a Yamaha CS60m with a home-built felt damper. The signal is going into a Meris Mercury 7 Reverb and a Boss DD-500 Delay pedal. In the calmer parts, there is also a stereo pair of mics capturing the sound of the hammers. This and careful tuning resulted in a pretty natural piano sound, compared on how we are used to hear the CPs.

For the synth parts, I use a Novation Summit in split mode for the bass sound and the supersaw pad. Both of the sounds feature a “pseudo”-sidechain-effect using the internal LFOs on the AMP.

There is also a Bass Station used by the drummer for the bass sound during the intro.”

Loosli‘s latest album is Hiraeth, which is available in vinyl and digital formats.

Keyboards: Timo Loosli
Drums: Philippe Adam
Guitar: Raphael Nussbaum
String Quartet: Sebastian Lötscher (vn), Léa Hennet (vn), Nao Rohr (va), Domitille Jordan (vc)

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