Miclop Intros Mother Source Synthesizer

Miclop has introduced Mother Source, a software synthesizer based on the Halion engine, that is designed to dynamically generate new sounds from preset patches.

Mother Source is designed to create 130 different sounds from each preset. So 200 Presets =26000 possible sounds.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Mother Source have two layers equipped with unison, vibrato, equalizer, distortion, and a chord generator with which we can create harmonies of up to 5 voices. All send to modulations and effects are independent for layer, so we can easily achieve very elaborate sounds.

Several modulation options such as its 6 Envelopes, 1 LFO and 1 step modulator, all of them with a couple of allocations already connected to improve the workflow.

An arpeggiator/sequencer module loaded with extensive features, not forgetting a section with all the effects needed to take your sound to the next level.

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Mother Source is available with an intro price of 49 Euro (normally 69 Euro). An LT version is also available. The only difference with the paid version is that it has fewer presets and sources.

6 thoughts on “Miclop Intros Mother Source Synthesizer

  1. From the description, it sounds like it would be making innovative new sounds, but to me this demo doesn’t seem to show anything new or inspiring.
    The free LT version will probably be enough for me.
    Also, what’s with the dancer?

    1. Some people are just hardwired for negativity and complaining aren’t they?
      What’s with the dancer?
      Some cool dancing and cool animations and graphics, that’s what with the dancer.

      1. Not sure why you saw that as negative. I’m sorry, it wasn’t intended to be.

        And, yes… Absolutely, some people are hard wired for negativity. in addition, some people really try to see the good in others and show respect that they would like to be shown themselves.

        Also, this is not meant to be negative: however, it is quite the process to install the LT free version of this program if you don’t already have Steinberg programs on your system.
        Need to install: Halion Sonic SE, Steinberg eLicenser Control, download the license for Halion, and then the Mother Source LT version. At this point I’m hitting a wall and can’t figure out how to run Mother Source LT within Halion Sonic SE.

        Peace, Love, and Light.

        1. Yeah I agree with Cade here. This isn’t a question of positivity/negativity, it’s a legitimate critique of the marketing. There was nothing that stands out about the product sonically here, to be marketed as “innovative”. The animations are good, but they serve as a distraction. For a promo a video, it should either serve as a teaser, or showcase the functionality that distinguishes itself from competitors.
          This is a pragmatic observation, not negatively/positively biased.

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