Old-School Sounds On Roland Synths With Kebu

Synthesist Kebu shared this video, the first in a series looking at how he uses Roland synths, both classic and modern, in his music.

Kebu’s music is inspired by the classic synth music that he grew up with, from the 70’s and 80’s. Roland synths make up a large part of his rig, because of their importance in the history of synthesis.

In the first video, Kebu introduces his Roland synth collection, including the VP-330, RS-09, SH-2000, Juno-60, JX-8P and JUPITER-X synthesizers. Along the way, Kebu shares his thoughts on each synth and how he uses it in his music.

At the end of the video, Kebu demonstrates how he uses Roland synths in his performance rig.

In the second part, Kebu presents his JD-XA, SE-02 and FANTOM. In the end of the video, Kebu gives a jam with the three synths, controlled and clocked from the FANTOM:

In the third part, Kebu discusses his JP-8000 and D-550:

7 thoughts on “Old-School Sounds On Roland Synths With Kebu

    1. Complaining about Kebu sounding like an epic 80s synth soundtrack is a bit like complaining that an AC/DC album sounds too much like AC/DC.

  1. Strange to see Kebu advertising new Roland gear (the stuff that Synthtopia commenters usually love to hate), but he does a nice demo (and he definitely cranked up the detuning on the Xm, haha.)

    Though if we’re going to go digital/hybrid and Roland, where’s the D-50 ?! I rather liked Kebu’s demo and songs with that instrument.

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