New Male Virtual Vocalist For Emvoice One, ‘Jay’

Emvoice let us know that they’ve introduced a new male virtual vocalist, Jay.

Jay is the second voice available for Emvoice One vocal synthesizer. Emvoice One uses a sample-based engine to create customizable vocal parts.


  • Natural range: E1 to C4
  • Extended range: C1 to C5
  • Record MIDI data from your DAW or controller
  • Program realistic glissando and vibrato patterns
  • Choose from pronunciation options or create your own words from phonemes
  • Export/Import entire project files of lyrics and notes

Here’s what they have to say about the technology:

“Working with a real singer, we’ve recorded individual phonemes at multiple pitches. When you program notes and type lyrics, our cloud-based engine then recombines the right samples from thousands – including realistic breath sounds – to create a seamless vocal performance that can be highly customized.”

Pricing and Availability

Jay is available now for $139, rising to $199 after an introductory sale period.

4 thoughts on “New Male Virtual Vocalist For Emvoice One, ‘Jay’

  1. The ‘free’ version is extremely limited – especially the text to wavetable feature. It’s $80 for the full version. There is also a $5/month rent-wear version.

    My request to software developers is two things: 1) stop releasing so-called ‘free’ software that is so hobbled to make it nearly useless and, b) enough with the rent-wear already, please?

    1. Fake news 🙂 Jay is only available as a one-off purchase, not subscription. And the price is $139 for a limited time, then $199.

    1. Thanks 🙂 It’s still a work in progress, should be completely impossible to distinguish from a real singer in 2 years.

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