Logic Pro Live Loops & Launchpad Pro [MK3]

Novation has announced that, with the introduction of Apple’s Logic Pro 10.6, the Launchpad Pro [MK3] is now ‘the most closely integrated grid controller for Logic Pro’.

The main new improvement is for Launchpad Pro [MK3] users, who can now take advantage of all the features of Live Loops, the cell-based looping playback and performance feature that was introduced in version 10.5. Also new is updated Live Loops interaction for Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini [MK3] users.

Here’s what’s they have to say about the new integration:

“Live Loops & Launchpad Pro [MK3]

For the first time in Logic Pro 10.6, Launchpad Pro [MK3] is compatible with Live Loops.

As part of the Live Loops and Launchpad Pro [MK3] experience, you can trigger cells from the grid, navigate projects easily, and get hands-on with producing and performing in Logic Pro. Express yourself in Note and Chord modes and record directly to cells, then mute, solo, record arm and stop tracks. Dedicated controls let you clear and duplicate cells, and quantise the notes recorded into a cell — all with a few button pushes.

What’s more, using the powerful features of Launchpad Pro [MK3], you can lose yourself in your creative flow without having to reach for the mouse. Custom modes let you map the grid to controls of your choice, and create your own personalised performance setups, including drum pads and velocity-sensitive faders. Custom Modes are designed using Novation Components, the free configuration tool that can be accessed via Google Chrome or as a standalone app.

Launchpad X & Launchpad Mini [MK3]

In Logic Pro 10.6, Launchpad X and Launchpad Mini [MK3] devices no longer need to be rotated to properly display the Live Loops grid, as was required in v10.5.

However, there are orientation options in Logic’s settings that allow you to choose vertical or rotated arrangement, to suit your preference. This flexibility provides a much more cohesive experience, allowing you to seamlessly jump between different modes.

See the official demos, embedded above, for examples of the update in action.

3 thoughts on “Logic Pro Live Loops & Launchpad Pro [MK3]

  1. Even for us, LPX/LPX users, it’s significant. The rotation wasn’t “a huge problem” yet it was enough of a hurdle to switch to something else.
    With 10.6 optimized on M1 Macs, plugging that one USB-C to USB-C cable to get a complete musicking solution can be very satisfying.

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