Berlin School & Ambient Sound Bank For The Korg Wavestate Synthesizer

Waveformer has introduced the Berlin School and Ambient Construction Kit, a new sound bank for the Korg Wavestate synthesizer.

The sound bank features 20 Performances inspired by the classic sound of the Berlin School synth music.

The performances each use all four layers. Most of the Performances combine Arpeggiators with Wave Sequences to create generative patterns where you use the keyboard to feed in the notes and let the Arpeggiators and Wave Sequences juggle notes and automate parameters.

The performances are designed to be tweaked and twisted while playing, drastically modifying the melodic, rhythmic and sonic content. Each Performance is described in depth in the included user manual, with suggestions for both playing techniques and knob-tweaking strategies.

Four of the Performances are available for free, as a preview of the sound bank. You can preview them below:

WF Alexanderplatz:

WF Berlin Arp:

WF Caprifolium:

WF Zoo Berlin at Night:

Pricing and Availability

The Berlin School & Ambient Sound Bank for the Korg Wavestate is available now for $9.

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