Bridge6 MIDI Foot Controller Designed To Be Powerful & Easy To Use

Pirate MIDI has launched a Kickstarter project to fund production of the Bridge6, a new MIDI foot controller that they say is designed to be ‘extremely powerful, full of features that don’t exist in other controllers, and extremely easy to configure.’


  • RGB LEDs
  • OLED Graphic Display
  • Flexiports – 1/4″ TRS jacks that can be used for
    • Expression Pedal Input
    • CV Input
    • Switch Input – up to 3 per flexiport
    • Switch Output
    • MIDI Output
    • Tap-Tempo Output
    • Device Link – Join two or more Bridge6 units to expand
  • Built-in device library
  • Windows & MacOS App
  • Dual independent MIDI Clocks
  • LFOs

Pricing and Availability

Production of the Bridge6 is being funded via a Kickstarter project, and it’s available to project backers for about $193.

Note that, like all crowd-funded projects, there is risk involved for backers. See the project site for details.

3 thoughts on “Bridge6 MIDI Foot Controller Designed To Be Powerful & Easy To Use

  1. This does look like a promising product. It’s not exactly unique. There are few similar products on the market now. Though this might have some features that make it better.

    I was hoping to see some mention of 14-bit resolution on the expression ins. That is not found but would be nice for high resolution controls like multi-turn pots, pressure sensors, etc. But I didn’t see that in the blurb.

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