Dave Smith Talks About The Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4

A recent episode of the AudioNowcast features Dave Smith and Andrew McGowan from Sequential, talking about their reintroduction of the legendary Prophet-5 synthesizer.

Smith and McGowan talk about the reintroduction of the Prophet-5 synthesizer with the podcast panel, including: Mike Rodriguez, Scott Gershin, Rob Arbittier, Nick Peck and Brandon Burnside.

4 thoughts on “Dave Smith Talks About The Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4

  1. > wow cholesterol galore ! Probably Prophet 5’s audience…:)

    Ha ha! There’s a weird generational divide over gear, but its a first world problem. Its about mere possession of the golden item of desire as much as not. I’ve owned & loved several of Dave’s synths, but if you lack $4Ks amount of interest, $149 gets you Arturia’s very creditable Prophet 5/VS combo. I heard it through proper monitors and its 95% accurate to my ears. If you love the sound for its own sake, you can still get there with a mouse. Not as sexy as knobs, but way more sexy than nuttin’.

  2. Hi Dave- Thanks for the Prophet 5!
    Few questios:why not have option to add stereo outs and pan the oscillators on the Prophet 5 rev4? Also not sure about the stepping (in sync mode ..eeek!) ? Would it be possible to incorporate a way to switch this off please?

    Im a Prophet 6 owner and always wanted a Prophet 5 ??

  3. VERY happy with my new P10, especially since the firmware upgrade gives us “POLY UNISON”. Yes…we can now play 5 note chords and double up on those voices. FAT as hell.

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