New Vocal Synthesis Plugin, Pipa, For iOS, Mac & Windows

Klevgränd has introduced Pipa, a new vocal synthesis plugin for MacOS & Windows.

The synth engine is a crossover between a wavetable- and a granulating synthesizer, which they say results in an expressive and playable instrument.

Instead of using ordinary samples or processing oscillators with formant filters, Pipa uses a large database of thousands of wavetables extracted from real vocal samples. The advantage of the technique is that it’s possible to seamlessly morph between wavetables, with proper phase alignment. This enables Pipa to continuously make transitions between pitch, formants and dynamics, which is very useful in a musical context.


  • Unique crossover between a wavetable- and a granulating synthesizer.
  • Continuous morphing between formants, dynamics and pitch
  • Features both male and female voices
  • Separate envelopes (with linked release time) and LFOs for formant, dynamics, gain and pitch
  • Two MIDI Assignable controllers (Ctrl1 and Ctrl2) for controlling formants, dynamics, pitch and gain
  • Legato mode with control over both pitch glide time and velocity glide time
  • Voice spatialization
  • Plenty of factory presets
  • Room simulation + Reverb algorithm

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Pipa is available now for Windows and macOS, with an intro price of $24.99 USD for desktop and $9.99 for iOS through January 5th, 2021.

7 thoughts on “New Vocal Synthesis Plugin, Pipa, For iOS, Mac & Windows

  1. Most of their plugins are pretty fun. Spinn, Haaze and Reamp are my favorites. I even got the skaka and ting for ipad. Just fun and inspiring and the UI makes the product intuitive more engaging.

  2. It’s cool how they somehow gave this quite a bit of range without chipmunking or Darthing. The bass vox sound especially nice. They are such bad-asses with those demos. Hard to argue those prices for the sound.

    They give a pretty clear warning about how this will hit your CPU pretty hard, understandably. I don’t know if you can turn off reverb & room, that might help a little.

    It’s not trying to be especially comprehensive, i.e., you can’t type in text, but it’s quite a bit more musical and useful than some of the other novelties that are out.

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