Data Dump Generator Random Sample Playback Virtual Instrument

The Data Dump Generator is a new sampled-based Software Instrument that lets you load your own samples, or use the Sound Bank provided, and create randomly generated melodic loops and constantly mutating rhythms.


  • Trigger samples in a wide range of ways
  • Load unlimited amount of samples for random playback
  • Generate unlimited melodic loops using the randomizer function
  • Generate random rhythms using dump amount / probability function


  • 1 x Data Dump Generator Software Instrument VST3 64 Bit For Mac
  • 1 x Data Dump Generator Software Instrument VST3 64 Bit For PC
  • 1 x Data Dump Generator Software Instrument Audio Unit 64 Bi for Mac
  • 1 x RandomiZer Sound Bank: 100 Royalty Free WAV samples to power the Data Dump Generator.
  • 1 x README File

Pricing and Availability

Data Dump Generator is available now for £10.

5 thoughts on “Data Dump Generator Random Sample Playback Virtual Instrument

  1. So mamny randomly generated music plugins. I think we can see the writing on the wall. Went from rock to pop, hip hop to trap, making your own drum kits to algorithmic kits(Atlas and XO), Riffer, Drum Computer and other endless “we do it for you” software. Its a younger generations stage now and they are pretty lazy.

    1. That doesnt describe any writing on the wall. Rock, pop, hip hop and trap are four different genres of music. Algorithmic kits have been a thing for as long as Ive been making music. I was interested in it at 16, Im 37 now. Im not sure what a ‘younger generations stage’ would mean. You dont have to use any instruments you dont want to and no one is taking anything away. If you think those around you are lazy had you considered possibly they just do different things than you and you’d have no reason to know if they’re lazy or not or possibly just perhaps if you dont like something so much, maybe it’s just not for you? I took the time to write this because older musicians need to not shit on younger ones. Its discouraging. Its nasty.

    2. Or, you can use these tools to create wild new sounds that you can sample and turn into something completely different through processing. No one is setting up riffer, hitting play, then calling it a day. Such a ridiculous sentiment.

  2. Ned Rush did something very similar by loading sets of breakbeat and Fx samples into Ableton’s Sampler – Sounded even better to my ears, though that might just have been Neds engaging personality 😉 – Would be worth checking out his Youtube channel for the details if you’re an Ableton user.

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