Free Steinway Piano Virtual Instrument

Soniccouture has released a free piano virtual instrument, Hammersmith Free.

It’s based on their Hammersmith Model D Grand, which offers features like additional mic positions and a deeper sample library.


  • Free Download
  • 4.8 GB Library
  • 21 Velocity layers
  • Schoeps MK4 Mic Pair
  • Kontakt Player 6 NKS Compatible

It’s available now as a free download.

7 thoughts on “Free Steinway Piano Virtual Instrument

  1. A free piano for the holidays? Seems like a great idea, except that 2.8GB on my pokey rural internet service is an overnight download. Oh well, I know what my computer’s doing tonight…

    1. Their site says it’s 2.8GB or 4.8GB, when I start the download it claims to be 4.5GB. Perhaps acoustic instrument bytes are larger than regular bytes!

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