17 Free Modules For VCV Rack Now Available From Instruo

Scottish Eurorack manufacturer Instruo has released a collection of free modules for VCV Rack.

The free Instruo modules include Cš-L (Complex Oscillator), harmonàig (Diatonic Harmonic Quantizer), troika (Triple Oscillator) and 14 more.

VCV Rack is a free modular synth platform for Linux, macOS & Windows. Hundreds of modules – including both commercial and free modules – are available.

Pricing and Availability

VCV Rack is available as a free download and the Instruo modules are available in the VCV Rack library.

9 thoughts on “17 Free Modules For VCV Rack Now Available From Instruo

  1. Gosh I sincerely hope more manufacturers continue this trend. I have been eyeing up Instruo’s modules for a while but have always pulled back because of size and space. This will finally give me the chance to see how useful they could be in my hardware setup and how well I get on with them.

    Thanks Instruo!

    1. Hey!!! This is awesome for all the cheapos out there! You know who you are. I’m going to turn on my studio now, totally dawless! That’s right dawless boys! Go play with your computers now.

      1. WTF are you on about? I use a Squarp pyramid for DAWless jams in combination with my Hardware Euro and tabletop synths. I’m saying being able to see how the functionality is and conceive of how nicely it will fit in my hardware setup.

        So are you joking? Or are you serious?

  2. hi Instruo

    big thanks
    apart from being really great these are some of the most beautiful modules out there ( always nice if you can combine the those features)

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