Arturia Intros Free Juno-6 Style Chorus Effect

Arturia has introduced Chorus JUN-6, a free chorus effect modeled after the iconic stereo effect found in the Roland Juno series of analog polysynths from the ‘80s.

Here’s an in-depth video demo:

Chorus JUN-6 can be used inside any VST, AAX, or AU compatible recording software.

Pricing and Availability

Chorus JUN-6 is available as a free download through December 29th 2020.

9 thoughts on “Arturia Intros Free Juno-6 Style Chorus Effect

      1. He is talking about the TC Electronics pedal that is a clone of the Juno chorus. The TC pedal is based on a free VST called TAL chorus, mentioned below. So it’s actually a software clone of a hardware clone of a software clone of hardware.

        Have we reached peak synth yet?

  1. Nice move from Arturia, downloaded it and tested it. First impressions: I think the free TAL-Chorus-LX (also based on the 106 chorus) sounds way better, but it’s a matter of taste

    1. Roland is the undisputed king of bbd chorus. I recon the original is not very unlike the CE-1. Some dickhead stole mine (trusted companion to my old ARP Omni2). Will d/l this one later.

  2. TAL Software has made their TAL-U-NO-LX like years ago, and it’s also has always been free. I mean, thanks Arturia and all, but your previous year free christmas plugin was more interesting and unique…

  3. Roland were the kings of bbd chorus-fx. Above them all is the Boss CE-1. I think they may have used similar circuitry on other products as well. Synths… and the chorus echo (501) .. and the.Jazz-chorus guitar amp. If this one is as good remains to be decided.. I’ll check it out during the holidays.

    Oh – and Merry Christmas everyone!

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