Electronic Live Session With Handpan & Modular Synthesizer

Synthesist Jai Cuzco shared this synth jam, a collaboration with handpan player Chester L. Brandes.

Here’s what he has to say about the technical details:

Brandes and I made a Live session with his handpan and my setup , combining the mystical tones and rhyhtm of the handpan with my analog & digital synths.

Info about my setup:

Moog sub37 (playing the paraphonic melody)
Mother 32 (bass)
Argon 8 (lead)
Analog Rytm MK 1 (drums)
Launchpad (launching midi clips for different progressions)
Ableton live 10 (Used as Master)

2 thoughts on “Electronic Live Session With Handpan & Modular Synthesizer

  1. nice result, but I don’t see a modular synth anywhere….the mother 32 is the only device that’s close and its semi modular

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