Free Open Source Patch Editor, Edisyn, Updated To Support Venom, Kyra & More

Edisyn, a free open source patch editor, has been updated with support for more synths and more.

Version 26 has new editors for the M-Audio Venom, Waldorf Kyra, and Casio CZ-230S.

The update also features several new patch exploration tools, including real-time morphing between four patches, and merging of random patch pairs from your synthesizer.

At present Edisyn supports: the Alesis D4 and DM5; Casio CZ series; DSI Prophet ’08, Mopho series, and Tetra; E-Mu Proteus 1/2/3, Morpheus, and UltraProteus; Kawai K1, K4, and K5; Korg MicroKorg, MicroSampler, SG Rack, and Wavestation SR; M-Audio Venom; Novation Drumstation and D Station; Oberheim Matrix 6, 6R, and 1000; Preen FM2; Red Sound DarkStar; Roland D-110, JV-80, and JV-880; Waldorf Blofeld, Microwave XT and XTk, and Kyra; most Yamaha 4-Operator FM Synths (such as the TX81Z and DX11); Yamaha FB-01; Yamaha DX7, TX7, TX216/816, Dexed, Korg Volca FM, and other DX-7 compatible synths; Yamaha FS1R; Yamaha TG33, SY22, and SY35; Tuning standards and MTS; and generic CC, NRPN, and RPN control.

Edisyn has infinite levels of undo, a broad spectrum of patch exploration and creation tools (mutation, merging, nudging, morphing, blending, and evolutionary methods), and a wide array of other useful features.

It runs in Java and works on Linux, Mac & Windows. It’s available as a free download.

11 thoughts on “Free Open Source Patch Editor, Edisyn, Updated To Support Venom, Kyra & More

    1. Edisyn is written in Java, and makes extensive use of preferences, menus, multiple windows, and a host of other stuff that’s standard in most graphical interface applications, but is extremely limited in VSTs. When Steinberg developed the VST API way back when it was for applications with very primitive UI functionality. So I’m afraid Edisyn will remain VST-free.

      That being said, Edisyn works quite well with a DAW, including parameter automation, if you set up a MIDI loopback or two. The manual has instructions.

  1. Pretty cool that they added support for the Venom. I always thought it was sad that M Audio stopped supporting that synth, especially since you don’t have full access to the synth engine without a software editor. Hopefully this will extend the life of the instrument for people who have one.

  2. Here’s a crazy idea: you could follow the link in the article and read the aptly named there. Also Ctrl-F is you friend.

    P.S. Pssst … yes it does.

  3. I liked Edisyn way more than CTRLR for my K4R’s. Using it in parallel with my DAW with a MIDI router was very effective. Edisyn gui and parameters worked better for me with the mouse. It’s very nice and wouldn’t hesitate to use it again. The developper is still active and responding on Facebook. Make sure you have the latest Java up to date.

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