Is Hammond Introducing A Synthesizer + Organ Hybrid?

Suzuki shared this teaser video for what appears to be a new Hammond synthesizer.

No additional information was included, other than that the new Hammond keyboard is ‘coming soon’.

Hammond has been known for organs, rather than synths, with a few notable exceptions, like the Novachord, considered to be the first commercial polyphonic synthesizer, and the Hammond 102200, a 70s monosynth.

Is Hammond introducing a new synth? Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments!

Update: They shared additional previews, revealing the name – Hammond SK Pro – and the left side of the keyboard’s organ features:

Here’s a look at the right-side synth section:

20 thoughts on “Is Hammond Introducing A Synthesizer + Organ Hybrid?

  1. I mean, it says mono synth right there and has oscillator selection. Pretty conclusive. Pitch / Filter / Amp envelopes on faders, so much nicer than knobs. I like the big red button too. Better come with launch codes.

    1. I think it says enough about the sound to make me think that it’ll be something different. Kinda sounded somewhere between granular and additive to me. That’s worth watching imho.

      Also, it’s a teaser. We can consider ourselves teased.

  2. At NAMM 2009, I found myself riding in an elevator with the CEO of Hammond and we were on our way into the convention and he asked me why I was heading to the basement .. so we struck up a conversation about additive synthesizers and the parallels with organs, etc.. and he said at the time he’d love to do a synth someday but it was unlikely to happen anytime soon due to the company’s core focus.. understandable of course.

    Glad to see things come together in spectacular fashion.. sounds really good – lets hope it’s kind of a hardware Razor, finally give some competition to Clavia and their Stage lineup!

  3. Technically a Draw Bar Organ is Addidive Synthesis.

    For some reason it sounds and looks uninspiring for me personally.
    My first spontainous association was “90’s rompler?” – sry.

    Maybe some better demos surface.

  4. I noticed that there are pipe organ voices that are alternate sounds on the drawbars. I hope they are better than previous pipe organ sounds on Hammonds.

  5. If it’s based on the same old VASE technology (and from the short demo, I believe it is), then it’s just another outdated clonewheel on Hammond’s part: one that’s extremely more expensive than a Mojo, and sounds much worse. Adding a monosynth, along with the same old pianos and clavs’ nice, but unless they make a new board based on the B3-X (which is an excellent piece of software), there isn’t a single good reason to prefer it over a Viscount, a Crumar or an HX3. Even if they add a synth and a screen (considering the XK5’s price this thing’s going to cost even more than a Genos or a Kronos 88, without even being a fully-fledged workstation!).

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