Free Elektron Digitone Sound Library

Synthesist Sebastian Negulescu of URRRS contacted us to let us know that they’ve shared a free patch bank for the Elektron Digitone.

The sound library features 124 sounds that they’ve used live and in the studio.

“We do not employ any kind of download gate or email gathering or any other such marketing methods,” says Negulescu. “We don’t sell anything. We just share some of our work with other musicians.”

Here’s what URRS has to say about it:

124 Patches for Elektron Digitone

Elektron’s Digitone has become an essential piece of kit for our live shows. Its modified FM engine lends itself to any kind of sounds, from classic synths to futuristic textures. Deep and with a special character that is not normally found in other FM synthesizers.

These are 124 patches that we have used live and in the studio. Deep subs, big chords and space melodies, all ready to go.

Audio Demo:

124 Patches for Elektron Digitone is available now as a free download.

One thought on “Free Elektron Digitone Sound Library

  1. Sweeeeeet. I would have gladly given my email address for this.

    Prefer to use the digitone as a preset machine, making minor tweaks to what other folks have already done to get my desired sound.

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