New Music From Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds, ‘Phosphenes’, Creates A ‘Darkly Twisted Sonic World’

Electronic music label DiN has released a new album by Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds, Phosphenes.

Phosphenes is the third collaboration by Bessell and Parallel Worlds (Bakis Sirros). Following the albums Morphogenic (DiN41, 2012) & Dystopia (DiN56, 2018), the new album builds on their previous work, creating an ‘imaginary Synthwave soundtrack’.

Here’s what DiN has to say about the album:

“Bakis Sirros the mastermind behind Parallel Worlds provides the skittering rhythmic backdrop to the tracks over which he and Bessell overlay ominous bass lines, twisting melodies and creative sound design that recall a shadow of 1980s John Carpenter film scores. Bessell also adds his unique guitar style that he so effectively uses in his other well known side project with the synth quartet Node. Both musicians make extensive use of modular synth systems but in very different ways that perfectly blend together in these eight atmospheric tracks.

The duo of Bessell and Sirros really do have a unique sound that is unlike anything else released in the world of electronic music and “Phosphenes” presents another chance to enter their darkly twisted sonic world.”

Here’s the official audio demo:

Technical details:

All tracks composed, arranged and produced by Bakis Sirros & Dave Bessell between November 2019 & July 2020.

Mastered by db.

Dave Bessell:

Macbeth M5n, Minimoog, Vermona Perfourmer, Alesis Andromeda, Moog Sub 37,
Korg Monologue, Boss DR 55 drum machine, Deepmind 12 & various Eurorack.
Gibson Les Paul & Laney amps.

Bakis Sirros:

Eurorack modular synthesizer (Doepfer, Rossum, Strymon, Erica, Endorphin),
Serge modular, Waldorf Microwave, Novation Peak, Roland System-8, Korg Prologue,
Odyssey, Pro-1, Model D, MS-101 & Software.

3 thoughts on “New Music From Dave Bessell & Parallel Worlds, ‘Phosphenes’, Creates A ‘Darkly Twisted Sonic World’

  1. is funny when there is to argue fight or trash B-company is full of comments , but when u get some great electronic music nobody says anything 🙂 Thanks DIN Thanks Ian i am a big fan of the label !

    1. Yeah, sometimes it seems that people are so busy arguing about synth trivia that they don’t have time to listen to any new music. Then they complain that there’s no good music being made anymore.

      Anything on DiN is likely to be good, though. I’ve been liking stuff on the label Behind The Sky a lot, too.

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