Korg Wavestate SE Offers 61-Note Keyboard With Aftertouch

Ahead of the 2021 NAMM Show, Korg has shared a sneak preview of the Wavestate SE – a new edition of the Wavestate that offers a 61-note keyboard with aftertouch and a more premium build.


  • 61-key version of current 37-key wavestate now with aftertouch
  • New internal programs added, all sound programs optimized for aftertouch
  • Solid build, aluminum panel and knobs

Details on pricing are to be announced.

32 thoughts on “Korg Wavestate SE Offers 61-Note Keyboard With Aftertouch

    1. The last guy wanted aftertouch. Maybe the 76 key version will have a bigger screen. Just wondering what someone will want for the 88 key version. By the time the “I want” ends, it’ll be a 4,670 key synth.

      1. I want mine to come with electrodes that directly connect to your brain, read your thought and instantly extract the sound you’re thinking about as a patch. Not worth spending a penny on that plasticky toy otherwise…

  1. props to korg, they could have led with this and announced the modwave a day later, but they did the backwards, so everyone would go “WAAAAAAAAHHHH NO AFTERTOUCH WAAAAAAAHHHH NO 61 KEY” and then BOOM. “sup now haters?” lol.

  2. No aftertouch on a synth = No ketchup on a burger. I’ll still eat it. There’s kid starving in the world…Perspective!

    1. Poly-Aftertouch would be the sweet spot, if MPE isn’t possible. Channel aftertouch has been around a very long time. It’s time to for poly-aftertouch to be the new minimum, IMO.

  3. Now that’s a seductive synth! I’m sure that Korg will be watching its sales closely, to see if doing the same with the Opsix and Modwave is called for. I’ll be happy if its below $1500. I like seeing a power synth that’s *all* synth and not an iffy workstation. Looks like there’s panel space for an iPad, too…

  4. So, now, the new trend is to issue an incomplete/smaller synth in order to release the better/bigger one some months later, just to make more sales? Mh.
    I like the new Korg ModWave, but I will wait at least 12 months to see if they will release a proper one with all keys and aftertouch.

    1. Agreed what a horrible business model Yes I feel stuck now with the wavestate less than a year old and already better options for the money. Is this Apple or Korg wth

  5. This is seriously excellent. Thank you Korg. Proper, premium aluminium casing that will last a few years. Please do this more.

    And aftertouch. Finally.

    This will be my new synthesiser. I’m going to start an Enya covers band and Orinoco-flow till my shoulders grow giant pads.

    My life is complete.

  6. ditto. Assuming all will get the SE treatment, gonna have a hard time deciding between the 3 and still hoping for a module so a second one can post up on the flight deck. But definitely in on this.

    1. That’s a good point, there is empty space on top of the SE to fit a forthcoming module version of the opsix or modwave (but not the little keyboard version of them).

  7. This instrument really shines when you can seamlessly morph (Smooth Sound Transition) from one complex performance to another on the set list without some voices cutting off. I have set SST to the maximum in the utility menu and it helped a lot but is still is not quite enough for more complex performances and has only whetted my appetite for what SST brings to the table in this instrument. Maybe something like a more powerful CPU in the 61 key version? All around though, it is a wonderful deep instrument that takes me on a sonic journey each time I use it!

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