New Music From Plastikman For Prada Fall/Winter 2021

Richie Hawtin, aka Plastikman, shared this video, featuring his runway soundtrack for Prada’s Fall / Winter 2021 Menswear Show, presented by Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada.

The soundtrack features two new tracks, NARCOSIS & SPEKTRE.

“The themes for the new Prada show drove me deep into my Plastikman psyche,” notes Hawtin, “exploring feelings of introversion and isolation, the quest of finding yourself and forming inner strength and resilience.”

36 thoughts on “New Music From Plastikman For Prada Fall/Winter 2021

  1. I honestly love plastikman, and the music is great. If Richie were a tad younger I think he’d be their ideal model too. Hopefully I can listen without the visual soon

  2. Pretentious garbage. Exactly the kind of thing one would come to expect from Richie Hawtin these days. Seems intent to drag the once great Plastikman alias through the dirt by playing it at fashion shows and other events that just don’t suit the aesthetic. The music is mediocre in comparison to earlier Plastikman too. A few good minimal psychedelic visuals would have suited it much better than a parade of guys walking around in poorly fitting clothes that nobody can afford anyways

  3. I’m not a fashion enthusiast and thus am not familiar with fashion shows…but do models always look like inbred alien cyborgs or is that just a deliberate choice in this case?
    At least the visuals are more entertaining than the music (yawn!)….

    1. From what I’ve seen, the models are selected for that aesthetic. I can’t help but feel that none of the models would want to wear those clothes if they weren’t paid to do it.

  4. You know fashion pays musicians way better than the music industry, right? And fashion is art (whether you like it or not). The music, fashion, and presentation may not be for you, but why celebrate your own close-mindedness in a synth forum?

    1. Good point! Sounds liek a beat form a youtube beatmaking video. It’s too easy to take a dump on fashion shows. Kind of corny, honestly. So many other things should get this kind of attention like Nascar, Wendy’s burgers, shopping at Walmart. Somehow, you put a guy in tight obscure clothing and have him walk and everyone is up in arms. Should have found the women’s wear video so we could compare comments side by side and see how woke this forum really is.

  5. The music wasn’t too terrible. A little too simplistic for my taste. But the visuals were damn creepy. The haircuts, the soulless eyes, the ugly clothes. Somebody gets these guys some food.

    1. I suppose as with certain “new age” and “meditative” music there’s a deliberate, trance-like minimalism aimed at assisting the listener to enter an altered “state of consciousness”. Maybe I’m giving them too much credit.

      I entered a state of boredom.

  6. Sounds rather like a Roland TR-8 or Elektron 5-track demo with 2 of the tracks muted.
    March Of The Init Non-Patch, plus bad Ziggy Stardust pajamas.

  7. Good gawd you couldn’t catch me dead wearing silly-looking crap like that. Yikes! And what is the fashion industry’s obsession with ultra-skinny models, male or female? Those poor kids looked like emaciated sacks of skin and bones with absolutely no meat on them whatsoever. I mean, are there any women or men out there that actually find that attractive? I know I don’t find it very attractive on women.

    Oh, that’s right, this is a electronic music blog. I’ve never heard of Plastikman before. I listened to the soundtrack and it is, i don’t know, just meh. That minimalistic type of EDM just doesn’t do much for me. I’m come from more the old school of electronic music going all the way back to the original Wendy Carlos’s Switched-on Bach through Tomita, JMJ, Kraftwerk, a number of the 80s synthpop acts on up through electronic industrial and EBM. That’s about where I got left behind and now I’m one of those oldsters who hates my kids music. Hey, what can I say?

  8. I liked it actually. Let go of the fashion hate, fashion shows are just remixes for clothes, and clothes are their own niche art form that if you don’t get it you can’t see why anyone else likes it. Yeah it’s big business but then so is the music industry. If you don’t think fashion is creative check out an Iris van Herpen show and you’ll change your mind.

  9. FWIW I loved the clothes. Nice to see things finally moving on from boring 90’s rehash mode. This style is like scifi version of 60’s fashion, Beatles in 2025 would be wearing this. Love it!

    Plastikman was a bit meh but could have been worse I guess.

    Seems like “body positivity” isnt yet a thing in mens fashion, interesting how nobody is up in arms about it 😉

  10. I love Plastikman albums from the 90’s and “Closer” from 2003 is a pure masterpiece. But everything he released after that is so lame and boring, and that video is no exception, alas.

  11. To clarify, my actual opinion. Not sure what it has to do with fish. Both are institutions with long documented histories of terrible, abusive behavior that make overpriced products and the video is unwatchably creepy.

  12. It’s subjective of course, but more the disappointment, after all this time, of wanting new innovative cuts from someone who generally was.

  13. Music was ok, if he had been mixing those tunes together dj style he could have properly worked out a dance floor with them.
    Rich makes most of his $$$ by getting big fees to play shows in clubs – since covid etc, his main source of income has dried up and he is also facing an unsure future for his dj shows in club / festival land.

    It’s a logical move for an artist like him to explore other mediums to pair up with his music esp in his current financial situation due to covid. Don’t be suprised to see more artists like him popping up on video games / movies / tv shows etc.

    Music makers need to eat and pay rent even when they are famous!

  14. “Hey kids, get off my lawn!”
    Listened to the music twice. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but liked it a lot without the visuals.
    The fashion was not my cup of tea, but the video concept was interesting. Way more interesting than a typical catwalk show. About 13 minutes in the designers talk about the setting.

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