The Schulte Compact Phasing A, aka “The Krautrock Phaser”

The latest Hainbach video takes an in-depth look at the Schulte Compact Phasing A, aka “The Krautrock Phaser”.

The Schulte Compact Phasing A was used notably by German musicians like Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, and was a key part of their early Krautrock and Kosmische sound.

“I demo it with instruments such as the Juno 60, Arturia Microfreak, Rhodes MK2, a TR-606,” notes Hainbach, “and then try a stupid idea involving other classic phasers, such as the Moogerfooger MF-103, EHX Small Stone V1 and Tel-Ray Morley Phaser Pro.”

6 thoughts on “The Schulte Compact Phasing A, aka “The Krautrock Phaser”

  1. I like the way the guy looks like a hippy but as a bank managers amount of equipment.
    I have never heard this equipment before.

    1. I like the way the guy looks like a musician but is highly knowledgeable about his craft and instruments. I also like that he shares a lot of information with the rest of us. Really informative video, excellent effect unit, and seems like this bit of kit was important to.a lot of music I like.

  2. It sounds great but like… $900 great? that’s just really silly. I’d have a *lot* of plugins covering this ground *and beyond) for that lol. anyway, it’s always still just delightful to see these thorough and fun demos of all the wild things out there though, even if they’re a little silly and out of reach.

    1. Though $900 is clearly overprized, there is no VST that comes even near the Schulte Phasing.
      The video does not show the true sound capabilities of the unit.

  3. I appreciate the phaser well enough for what it is, but its like the triple BBDs on the original Solina: easily recreated in both software and a lot of hardware. You may miss out on some appealing side-band distortion or the like that comes with analog components, but in my experience, its not a loss of much past 5% or so.

    The BOSS RV-500 Reverb includes an editor/librarian. Some don’t care to tweedle those, but I love them. You get the grab factor of a pedal, but also access to the innards so you can max out the full range of the engine. Best of both worlds.

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