New Virtual Instrument Based On Rare Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog Modification (LAMM)

UVI has introduced PX Memories, a new virtual instrument, based on the rare Lintronics LAMM.

The Lintronics LAMM (Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog Modification) was based on the the Moog Memorymoog. The mod, developed by Rudi Lindhard’s Lintronics, improved on the original by making it more stable, making it easily editable, giving it improved IO and enhanced stereo output and improving on the original’s MIDI implementation.

Here’s what UVI has to say about PX Memories:

“Every patch we designed for PX Memories was extensively multisampled in normal, factory unison, and the special LAMM stereo unison modes letting you seamlessly switch between real hardware samples, and subsequently allowing you to play unison modes polyphonically which is impossible on the hardware unit.

Another massive creative advantage of PX Memories is the ability to load two programs at once, with full expressive control over each. Each program in PX Memories functions as its own layer, essentially giving you another entire LAMM that can be layered, filtered, animated, and arpeggiated together (or discretely) to create truly massive analog sounds. As well, unison settings are per-program, so combined you can essentially have up to 36 authentic hardware analog voices sounding per note.

In the end we recorded over 38,980 samples, packing PX Memories with a whopping 353 presets made from 171 programs, and divided into 16 categories, including basics, animated arps, animated steps, bass, bells, brass, chords, FX, keys, leads, organ, pads, pluck, polysynth, strings and more. Every patch in PX Memories is fully-customizable allowing you to use them straight-away or as starting points for your own sound design.

PX Memories presents you with a full suite of controls to tweak and augment its sound to fit your particular use, including per-program multimode filter, amp and filter envelopes, pitch and stereo controls, handy modwheel assignments, step and lfo modulators, versatile arpeggiators, and a master effect section with 3-band EQ, drive, Thorus, ensemble, Phasor, delay and Sparkverb.

The LAMM is a rare and iconic instrument with a timeless analog sound, inspiring, versatile, effortlessly delivering thundering bass, rich leads, and massive pads; perfect your analog dreams with PX Memories.”

Audio Demos:

Pricing and Availability

PX Memories is available now, with an intro price of $49.00.

3 thoughts on “New Virtual Instrument Based On Rare Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog Modification (LAMM)

  1. I know it’s very different but why not physically model the Moog instead of giving a clunky billion sample instrument?

    1. Because you simply cannot replicate in software what it is in hardware, you can say that it is not the same but they have never been able to reproduce a real Moog sound in a VST, neither Legend, nor NI all are for users who have never had a real one, the differences in everything, filters, envelopes, and the final sound can not be emulated exactly, you simply can not. Just because it sounds identical to the ears of certain users does not mean that it is.

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