Free Editor & Controller For The Korg NTS-1

Spanish developer Oscar R.C. has introduced a free Web-based editor and controller for the Korg NTS-1.


  • Installable, and works offline as a PWA
  • Control any parameter from within the app
  • Import and export your patches
  • Play with the on screen keyboard
  • Change the starting octave
  • Send pitch bend
  • Sequence melodies with the built-in sequencer
  • Control the tempo of the sequencer
  • Play notes any octave
  • Save and load your sequences

It’s available now as a free online tool.

14 thoughts on “Free Editor & Controller For The Korg NTS-1

    1. Unfortunately, the user oscillator params are not controllable via MIDI CC’s, as I found when building my own editor / MIDI CC sequencer for the NTS-1 in Maxforlive. Bit of an oversight on Korg’s part really.

      Have also been discussing with Sinevibes to see if there was something possible via SysEx instead, but it doesn’t appear so.

      Fingers crossed for a firmware update one day I guess.

      1. Wish! Too bad, params aren’t accessible via MIDI on NTS-1 :0( for me, that’s the most interesting part of NTS-1. Effects are fun to write too…. but I have a LOT of effects. Time to dig up schematics….

  1. I am trying to run the web editor on an iPad. I have tried various browsers but the interface will open but won’t connect with NTS. Any ideas? Perhaps it won’t run on an IPad or perhaps it needs a particular browser. The iPad is recognising the NTS – the app midicheck indicates that.

    1. Just googled it – on IOS chrome also doesn’t seem to support WebMIDI. There’s “Web MIDI Browser” app that is should get you there.

  2. Thanks for your suggestion, Patrick. Had tried Chrome previously but found as you indicated that it did not support web midi. Tried web midi browser but still had no success on a variety of iPads.

  3. Tried out the linclip editor. It works well. Like the sequencer in particular. Would find it useful if changes on the editor showed up visually on the hardware – I assume this is not easy to set up.

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