Make Noise & Alessandro Cortini Intro Strega Synthesizer

Make Noise today shared a sneak preview of their new Strega synthesizer with Sonic State, embedded above.

The Make Noise Strega – a collaboration with Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails, Blindoldfreak) – is a new desktop synth module in the style of the 0-Coast and 0-Control.

Official details on the design are still to be released, but the Strega (Italian for witch) combines a basic analog synthesizer, a multi-tap delay, complex modulation options and unique tactile controls.

It also offers an audio input, so it can be used for processing other instruments or be integrated with other modular gear.

Pricing and Availability

The Make Noise Strega is expected to be available in February for $599 USD. Details are still to be announced.

19 thoughts on “Make Noise & Alessandro Cortini Intro Strega Synthesizer

  1. I’m cracking up over how polarizing this seems to be. looks like a lot of people absolutely hate it without much insight, and others are floored. I’m really, really impressed and moved by some of the sounds coming out of this just from this rather short selection of demos by Cortini – seems like a magical and expressive (if a little temperamental) machine. Make Noise never disappoints honestly…

  2. I think it’s quite the lovely thing. Specifically and carefully thought out and designed. Is it for me? Not directly, but I really like Cortini’s music and I understand why this is what it is. Kudos to Tony and Alessandro.

  3. it makes sound (noise) that you can easily make with several other devices, but like he said the great thing about it is its those things distilled in to one little box. and even though i could make these sounds (noises) with what i already have, i still want it! 😉 well done Alessandro and MN.

  4. I don’t know why exactly but I didn’t like the way he present it.
    Too much enthusiastic to my taste.
    Seems Nick also preferred it will be more informative.
    Remind me a little of UDO6 first demos in that sense.
    It’s a little turn off…

  5. In my Eurorack setups I’ve got enough variety in weird modules to already do what the Strega does n more….now if I didn’t have that capability I’d get the Strega and O-Coast…I love Make Noise modules….they put a lot of thought and good quality into them

    1. Sales are way up – the issue is actually manufacturing enough to meet demand.

      A bigger issue is Behringer churning out cheap ‘staple’ modules. They’ve got clones/knockoffs for lots of 70’s designs and it makes the prices of everybody else’s Moog filters, VCAs, EGs, etc look high. Euro companies won’t be able to survive doing ‘me too’ modules.

    2. I think you’d be shocked to learn that 2020 was actually the best year ever for companies that were not dinged by supply chain or manufacturig problems.

  6. If the delay is a karaoke machine delay, then it is probably the PT2399 chip, which is digital. It is also used in the Industrialectric Echo Degrader, which shares much of this aesthetic.

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