How To Play Funky Minimoog Bass

In his latest video, Matt Johnson (Jamiroquai) takes a look at how to play funky Minimoog bass.

Johnson talks about programming the archetypical Minimoog funk bass – but also spends a lot of time discussing performance techniques that bring out the funk.

While Johnson demonstrates the patch and performance techniques with a vintage Minimoog, both apply equally well to Minimoog-inspired synths and VSTs.

7 thoughts on “How To Play Funky Minimoog Bass

  1. Wow! A humble youtuber who keeps it neat and 100% to the point. This guy just became my favourite, a breath of fresh air really. Show those kids how its done!


    EDIT: LMAO, its a famous keyboard player innit! Makes sense now why I fancied him, finally someone who actually knows what they on about

    1. but you’re right, he is so humble and and also explains it all so clearly, and yet he’s got one of the best keyboard gigs in funk, and he’s co-written many modern funk classics.

      Looking forward to part 2 where he’s going to show how he sets up his moog sound

  2. Obviously, a true world-class player. Like night and day listening to his playing versus other youtube instructors – no disrespect to anyone, we didn’t all start playing at 1.5 years old.

    If I have a problem with the videos, it’s in finding the best way to learn the specific licks and material. I might experiment with recording snippets at full-speed, next to the same section slowed down at varying rates, etc. It will probably be an iterative process. If anyone has tips, please share.

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