SynthVR, A Virtual Reality Modular Synthesizer, Now Available

SynthVR, a modular synthesizer environment for virtual reality, is now available.

SynthVR is modular synthesizer environment, built from the ground up for virtual reality. It features a wide variety of synth modules, including oscillators, sequencers, effects, logic and more.


  • Fully modular signal flow
  • 30+ synth modules to play with
  • Share and discover new creations online
  • Control signals run at audio rate, just like real modular
  • Animate the environment with your sounds
  • Multichannel audio recording options

Pricing and Availability

SynthVR is available now for PCVR (Rift, Index, Vive, Cosmos) and for Oculus Quest.

If you’ve used SynthVR, share your thoughts on it in the comments!

19 thoughts on “SynthVR, A Virtual Reality Modular Synthesizer, Now Available

  1. I really wished they would have made it look realistic, just a table with some cases on it. Realistic looking modules and you could expand the case to a tower. But they went Tron with the Playstation glow sticks and put you in VR from Lawnmower man. Still worth a peek just to see if the VR tech is there to make it a fun experience patching but they would have heavily benefitted form realism for this one.

  2. why would I want to move my hands in the air touching nothing and just wave around wearing glasses and headphones?
    can’t imagine a worse user experience.

    how long am I supposed to do this? 5 minutes? ?
    as proof of concept ok, practical no way in hell.

    1. there are many touch ( force feedback ) options i guess this is just not for you .. personally
      i can’t imagine plugin in tiny cables in tiny holes all day… LOL” how long am I supposed to do that for ?
      5 minutes?” LOL”can’t imagine a worse user experience” … it is just point of view i guess

      cheers and don’t take this post seriously …..

  3. One thing I question about the VR modular stuff I’ve seen videos for is the choice to make them mirror the ergonomics of Eurorack. In VR, you don’t have the physical constraints of the real world. Additionally, you are missing the precision of your index finger and thumb for grabbing knobs. I’d like to see a take on modular in VR that is less constrained by an exact skeuomorphic replication of eurorack modules.

    1. “you are missing the precision of your index finger and thumb for grabbing knobs””
      this depends on the controller or the hand tracking or the input device you are using
      think out of the box and you will find many solutions to ” index finger and thumb for grabbing knobs”
      for example:: a usb physical knob on a controller , a apple watch , custom vr controllers(hackaday) etc …

  4. When did this synthspace community changed to “i am opposed to progressive ideas and exploration/experimentation” ideology? So many negative comments while this is pretty much amazing stuff to see. Everyone who has ever tried modern VR knows, that it works great, its fun, and it feels quite real. I have tried this modular system on Oculus Quest 2 and I have to say, that it is really good, sounds very nice and controls like a charm. There are positional controls which are unavailable in any other modular system, or even in any real space. This actually opens up a whole new world of controllerism, exploration of movement and sound.

    Frankly almost all of these comments feels like:
    a) these guys never tried and they hate
    b) new things and approaches are often neglected and hated until the time of acceptance comes
    c) rigid culture of elite hardware enthusiasts.

    Of course you can get Virtual Desktop and run VCV rack in VR, but it is not optimised for VR controllers and possibilities of 3D positioning and space orientation. And I thought that electronic musicians strive for originality and new technological possibilities… looks like that age is behind us.

    1. The thing about VR, though, is that everybody that’s tried it knows that it’s not as fun or fast as hardware. You’re adding a bunch of expense, processing latency and mental gymnastics for not much benefit.

      It also looks ridiculous and is boring to watch, which makes it worthless for live performance.

      So the question is if/when VR will get good enough to be worth the hassle.

      About synth players being luddites – there’s truth to that. Most musicians have always wanted to relive their teen music idol fantasies. So people that grew up in the 70’s want to get big modulars and people that grew up in the 90s want to get MPCs.

      But there’s also a lot of gear coming out that’s pretty original and that seems to be pretty popular, too – like the microFreak, the Wavestate, things like the Osmose, tons of things going on in modular, etc.

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