New Ancient Music From The KLF, ‘Come Down Dawn’

The KLF has released Come Down Dawn – an alternate version of their seminal ambient house album Chill Out and the second entry in their Samplecity Thru Trancentral series.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Much like its predecessor, the album follows an imaginary trip along the southeast coast of the United States, albeit in the opposite direction this time, starting from Brooklyn, New York and arriving at Mexico City.

According to the official description published by The KLF Re-enactment Society, Come Down Dawn is a pre-mix of Chill Out. Notable differences include the removal of previously included samples from other artists’ songs and the inclusion of the Virtual Reality Mix from What Time Is Love? (Remodelled & Remixed).”

Come Down Dawn is available now via digital music platforms.

13 thoughts on “New Ancient Music From The KLF, ‘Come Down Dawn’

    1. > I wish they hadn’t burnt that million quid

      Fun facts:

      Drummond’s former protégé Julian Cope was unimpressed, claiming that Drummond still owed him money. “He burned a million pounds which was not all his, and some of it was mine. People should pay off their creditors before they pull intellectual dry-wank stunts like that.” […]

      The money took well over an hour to burn as Drummond and Cauty fed £50 notes into the fire. According to Drummond, only about £900,000 of the money was actually burnt, with the remainder flying straight up the chimney.

  1. Very interesting. This brings to mind “Different Trains,” by Steve Reich. The mix of throat and overtone singing, gospel preaching, radio, and I don’t know what all else, was quite different.

  2. The KLF got famous living off the teat of Delia Derbyshire. This boring stream of consciousness stuff isn’t worth listening to once.

  3. They retired from music business as KLF and deleted all their back-catalogue back in 1992. Some more information from the article of why and if that has changed would be useful

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