The Robots Are Coming….For Your Synths

If you’ve been worried about Skynet becoming self aware and taking over the world, it looks like these concerns may be slightly overblown.

They just want your synths.

Ambient musician DECIMA1 has shared a series of videos, featuring the WLKATA Mirobot Robotic Arm playing a variety of synthesizers.

Each note is programmed as a set of coordinates for the arm. It has two position for each note on the Lyra, a ‘hover over’ position and a ‘press down’ position.

DECIMA1 says that these videos show the WLKATA Mirobot playing a predetermined series of notes, not what it “feels” – but that might be coming next.

10 thoughts on “The Robots Are Coming….For Your Synths

    1. I didn’t know about the Bit 01, which led me to Gordon Reid’s 1998 beautiful reminiscence about it in SOS.
      (Tucked at the bottom he has a second hand price guide. Somewhat amusingly, he also recaps the then current prices for other vintage polysynths, saying “it makes you worry about the buyers’ sanity”… but the prices are pretty low by current standards, even with inflation!)

  1. “predetermined series of notes“

    Can’t be a problem to randomly select from the predetermined notes for more robofunk.

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